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Business Agility
Centralized Information
Integrated Processes
Unified Customer Service
Everything you need you will find in eon RIX

A cloud Business and Financial Application Suite with a monthly subscription - SaaS

e-On RIX

Business Financials & CRM

Expansion into new channels, customers and markets.

Extend your processes and services beyond the traditional boundaries of your business and expand into new channels, customers and markets.


Gain more flexibility and increase communication and collaboration inside and outside the business.


Benefit from integrated functionality between financial and commercial transactions and other related flows


You have access to all the information you need to support strategic decision-making.


Flexibility and Integration

Serves many different industries because  E-ON RIX suite is a flexible and extensive business application platform.


Make choices that serve your business. Use as many functions as you need in a complete way and easily adapt them to your own needs, processes and particularities of each of your commercial Product or Service. A itches procedures specify will be available across the entire width of the business. This ensures the uniformity and common treatment of processes throughout the length and breadth of the business.

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on our YouTube channel

Valid and Immediate Information

Access to a comprehensive work platform that communicates and gathers real-time data from across the business and facilitates critical strategic decision-making. Bridges gaps from the use of individual systems or from information gathering practices by various means.



Productivity Improvement

Eliminate all kinds of duplicate entries and reduce communication and handwriting procedures.

Unified Collaboration and Teleworking Environment

Both within the business and with the outside world of partners, suppliers and customers because you will have absolutely secure access to your application platform from anywhere and anytime. Your executives, or even your associates and customers if you wish, will be able to enter the same work environment without any geographical location or time constraints. You will have online, real time, access to your critical business information from wherever you are.

No software is required on users' devices or local servers. All you need is an internet connection.


e-On RIX solutions
for all businesses small or large

e-ON RIX.jpg

Automate and simplify the invoicing cycle, reduce your management costs, eliminate the hassle of tracking your invoices and increase their receivables.

Use e-Invoicing
with our business and financial suite e-On RIX
or in collaboration with your own ERP.
In both cases, its innovative functions are at your disposal ...


Comply with the new requirements of myDATA in an easy, reliable way and with no additional management costs for your accounting.

We incorporated in e-On RIX all  standardizations designated by the Tax Authorities.

We will help you link your Document Types once, so that you do not have to make constant corrections and additions during your daily tasks. 


Connect to each project individuals or companies that work on it and contribute to the formation of its costs and revenues.

At any time, see the current financial situation as a whole and in detail per department, phase, and work with full costing of work, at the level desired by each manager.

See the progress of the project in absolute numbers or in status.


If your business is about providing services, then there are a number of issues related to the contracts you sign with your customers.

Management issues as well as daily operation of the business.

Ensure that the hours you and your staff spend are accurately recorded so that they are invoiced and that your obligations to your customers are met.

More Fanctionality
of E-ON RIX Business Financials & CRM
for the Business


e- Invoicing from Suppliers


Reduce working time for registering your incoming invoices & documents and the risk of errors as well as time for managing folders and files on paper.



"Ticketing" functionality, which allows enterprises to "be extrovert" and open a new door of communication with their customers without expensive new investments.

e-shop connector1.jpg

e-shop Connector

Connect your online store and on line Sales with Production, Warehouse and Accounting management.

cash flow.jpg

Cash Flow & Credit Policy

Cash Flow and Credit Policy functionality because in the present economy conditions, maintaining the "financial health" of your business, is crucial for its survival.

approved expenses.jpg

Approval of Expenses

Automate and streamline your expenses’ approval process.

Classify them to efficiently track them and attach all relevant documents. Automatically inform all persons involved.



Spend less of your time managing receivables.

Increase the possibilities of collecting on time and improve your cash position.

B2B Portal.jpg

B2B RIX Portal

Reduce the time you need for handling orders and the costs to process them.  Enhance the image of your business by providing a new sales channel.

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