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E-On Integration proposes: For Wholesale and Retail Companies

Market conditions change;

It is the right time to change the way you run your business

Move to the world of cloud applications. Manage your business over the web.

In the retail and wholesale business there is an intense need for a software package that has Portal features and provides strong CRM and Web Portal functionality to many concurrent users. E-ON RIX Business and Financials covers all these needs. It is a flexible and extendable Portal platform that gives more power of collaboration with Customers and Suppliers. They can also have access to the applications for on line real time transactions with the company

All they need is an internet connection and a web browser.

E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM automates processes across all business channels.

This means that the company runs in real time patterns.

  • More efficient employees. They act faster and smarter.

  • Better service for Customers .

  • Optimized processes for orders and billing, handling and delivery.

  • Automatic updates of inventories.

  • On line real time access to inventories by sales and marketing departments.

  • Optimization of stock circulation that leads to better management of inventories and costs.

  • Better cooperation with suppliers.

Functionality for the Customers:

  • Track their transactions and relations with the company.

  • Personalized services.

  • Submit orders and track their status on-line.

  • Track guarantees and work orders.

  • Book appointments.

  • Print forms, invoices, receipts, and more.

Functionality for the Supplier:

  • Access orders handling and delivery functions.

  • Retrieve electronic orders and update status workflows.

  • Issue electronic invoices over the web.

Functionality for the Company :

  • Full view of all Customer activities and interactions across all business locations

  • Ability to create promotional activities for additional products and services and to cross-sell by using the system's parameter functionality and pre set filters.

  • Full view of all Supplier activities and interactions across all business locations.

  • Inventories management. Various methods and criteria can be used to calculate needs for replenishment.

  • Warranties and Claims management.

  • Handling and fulfillment of orders.

  • On-line handling of appointments.

  • Printouts of forms, invoices, receipts, contracts, quotes and more.

  • On line - real time updates of Accounting.

  • Automatic calculations for fees, expenses and other variable amounts related to a sale or order.

  • Sales support with Marketing functionality (brochures, multimedia, events, campaigns, promotions and more).

  • Ability to track status and results of Marketing activities.

The wholesale and retail companies that trusted Ε-ΟΝ RIX, are enjoying substantial benefits.

A world of Benefits for your business

Retail and Wholesale businesses that have installed E-ΟΝ RIX enjoy a lot of benefits. Our customers have achieved or have set very ambitious goals as reduction of stocks by 10% to 35%, elimination of paper forms and vouchers, reduction of telecommunication costs by 30%. All these are a result of a different approach concerning the flow of processes.

Ε-ΟΝ RIX benefits are a result of its cloud and web infrastructure and its built in features.

  • Users can access the applications over the web with a browser. Nothing is installed on their devices.

  • It is an extended application platform for collaboration with external business relations. Customers and Partners.

  • It provides real time reliable information over the web to sales persons at any location and any time.

  • It helps improve the level of Customer service.

  • It streamlines and automates processes, eliminates double entries and tasks.

  • It incorporates all current techniques and methods for secure transactions to prevent use by unauthorized users or other persons.

  • It provides on-line forms and user friendly screens that increase satisfaction especially to those who are less familiar with computers. It has built in help for users.


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