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Connect people and processes through
a flexible and dynamic platform
and achieve your business goals

A Self-Service human resource management system in the cloud with a monthly subscription - SaaS

E-On MyWorkPlace is a suite of applications that automate and streamline a company's processes and connect them to the people involved.

It is a powerful HRM system and a complete management system for all types of processes but not only.


It is the tool that ensures that your business goals are achieved. Supporting planning and critical decision making for all functional and strategic business planning.

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MyWorkPlace HRM


An innovative, flexible self service suite that covers in a comprehensive way all aspects of the lifecycle of human resources management, but it also provides all  functionality to become a tool that will support the achievement of business goals. 

Your officers and personnel access all of the above functionality from any location, at any time, without geographical or time barriers. 

Integration & Automation


It bridges the gap between the various individual systems or traditional information gathering practices.

Work flow

Allows executives and staff to monitor the progress of approval or other actions such as Evaluations, Leaves, Expenses, etc.

Unified Collaboration Environment


Accessible to all your executives and staff, whatever their location and at all times.

Flexibility & Adaptability


Add users or sites or use more functionality according to your needs without the intervention of a specialized IT department.


Web Portal Philosophy

The home page introduces all the services provided in a personalized way in terms of size and type of content.


Activation and tracking of Key Performance Indicators - Targets and Objectives both at individual and group level. Parametrical definition of the type of objective and the frequency of  its measurement. 


Creation, activation and processing of various types of questionnaires, that can cover many types of activities and needs.

Combined with KPI's  they may collect data to feed specific objectives.



Creation of Assessment Models that can be used either as independent tools, or in conjunction with questionnaires to process their data.


Enables the creation and publishing of any type of digital information. Either in the form of announcement, or in the form of corporate knowledge.


MyWorkPlace Processes


E-On Processes supports the implementation and management of  your business processes and  your quality control procedures.  It is the essential tool to organize and operate your business while improving quality issues. 

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