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It is time to join the world of electronic invoicing and get the benefits it offers 

Use e-Invoicing.
A fast, efficient e-invoicing solution.
Automate and simplify the invoicing cycle, reduce your management costs, eliminate the hassle of tracking your invoices and increase their collection rate.
All you need is an internet connection.


Invoice issuance is an intensely manual process with high cost and low profitability. Errors and delays are highly probable, creating bottlenecks and late payments.

Reduce the time spent by your staff for managing, archiving and storing paper invoices.

Automate repetitive tasks from billing workflows to payment reminders.


Experience reduced costs and work hours.

With paper-based processes, you spend a lot of both in order to correct mistakes and complete daily and repetitive tasks.

Calculate the hours required to process and send invoices, as well as for sorting, categorizing, and manually entering them into your accounting system.

Calculate the shipping costs as well as the cost of storing them and the paper.


With e-Invoicing you have better control, with increased visibility over your issued invoices.

Improve the way your track your receivables  and identify any problems in good time.

Send reminders to those who have not met payment deadlines.

Manage  effectively your customers' information concerning their payments and track their history.

This way you can achieve a faster payment process in an organized way.

Προσιτή Τιμή Απόκτησης

Affordable Pricing Model

E-Invoicing is a cloud application which we offer as “Software as a Service”,

with a a monthly subscription fee, a particularly cost effective way

compared to what you pay today for paper and manual processing.


According to various reports  and studies the cost of managing a single paper invoice can be as high as 11 euro!!!

We offer e-Invoicing over a secure  cloud platform hosted at a certified Data Center in Greece

Use e-Invoicing
with our business and financial suite e-On RIX
or in collaboration with your own ERP.
In both cases, its innovative functionality is at your service ...

Generate Electronic Invoices from e-On RIX and automatically archive them in its database or transfer Invoices from your ERP to e-On RIX and archive them into its database.


This means no more need for paper documents just digital ones. 

Send e-invoices by e-mail to your customers (in PDF, or .txt format) by using the functionality offered by the e-Invoicing application without using personal email accounts. You also have the option to send automatic e-mails from e-Invoicing right after you generate and archive invoices without any user intervention.

e-Invoicing provides a “confirmation of receipt” feature  for the emails sent to customers. If your customers use this feature then the invoices issued are not only marked as “sent” but also as “confirmed”.

This functionality is available not only for the authorized users that you have  given access to E-ON RIX (RIX visitors) but also to unregistered users that do not have access to the b2b portal of e-invoicing.

If recipients detect issues concerning the details of the invoices (i.e. errors in charges, quantities etc.) they can notify you automatically following a simple procedure. Simpler than e-mail! The notification may come as a text or even create a "Pending" item in the embedded CRM of the e-On RIX platform. So you have the invoice, the customer's record and the reported issue gathered all in one single place!

Export the Invoice (or dispatch document)  data in a format that is readable by other computer applications (structured format) so that the recipient will not have to enter the invoice manually at their data bases. Furthermore we can implement your formats if you already use similar systems.

In the case of tax audits all data are available on line as required by the applicable tax legislation. 

Send and Manage Invoices
from any location

E-Invoicing is a service that is part of e-On mobile, the "mobile office" we created for you.

So all you need is a mobile device and all the information and management of your invoices

are on the tips of your fingers wherever you are located.

mobile-business e-invoicing

e-Invoicing opens a new perspective to your collaboration with clients

Send your customers the electronic invoices you created immediately, by e-mail that is automatically generated through e-Invoicing.


Receive a confirmation message for receipt of the electronic invoice from the recipient who assures you that the invoice has arrived at its destination.


In case of error or disagreement of the recipient with the details of the invoice they can notify you with a simple procedure via e-Invoicing.


E-Invoicing opens new perspectives in your cooperation with your customers, as it integrates a b2b portal that allows them to access the system so that they can have online information about their documents and automatically receive electronic invoices without no additional action on your part ("pull mode").

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