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e-On EPI

Enterprise Process Integration
Expand the boundaries of your business.
Experience collaboration and interaction
through a WEB PORTAL

E-On EPI is a Portal of various cloud, workflow applications. Its applications cover front-end and back office specialized business functions that are not covered by the Central Systems of a Bank or a Company. 


It serves many networked users for functions performed over the internet,  by the various departments of a Bank or Financial Organization, by its business partners (such as stores, dealerships, agencies, companies etc.) and by its customers. 


All applications of E-ON EPI follow a workflow concept which means that they are based on parameters. So their functionality is customizable to the needs of any Bank or Company. The applications seamlessly interface with the central systems for the exchange of data.


E-On EPI is also an electronic document management system  and as such it  enables the creation of electronic files with full documentation for each customer, supplier, partner, etc.


Finally it is a CRM system for managing all relationships and information about customers or persons with whom the company collaborates or does business.

Νέος άνδρας που έχει το δάχτυλο πάνω σε σχήμα για ένα Portal Cloud εφαρμογών

Portal Cloud Applications

Γυναίκα που βλέπει με μεγεθυντικό φακό μια φιγούρα από πόλλές γύρω της. Δείχνει την λειτουργία του CRM.

CRM integration

Βέλη που δείχνουν προς τα πάνω και δεξιά εμφανίζουν ροές εργασίας.

Ready-made workflows with integrated best business practices

E-ON EPI Retail Bank


Today, what counts for Banks is the flexibility to respond immediately to market demands  by offering new retail banking products. Also the ability to promote these products through more channels than traditional banking branches.

E-ON EPI Leasing


Drive your business into the future of cloud applications and offer your customers new and sophisticated services, such as managing their corporate fleet, through an easy-to-use internet environment.

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