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"What you need today

to deal effectively with new conditions 

in the business environment

is more flexibility. "

We have developed all our systems with internet and cloud technologies.


Install them in your own space and develop your own private "cloud" for your business, your partners and your sales network.

Or get them as "SaaS" (Software as a Service) from our secure public cloud by paying a monthly subscription at no extra cost to purchase any technology infrastructure or software.


The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose, you will have access to your business and its daily operations from anywhere and anytime, process automation and homogenization, a fully collaborative environment.


Flexible and Automated
Real time access to reliable information anytime, anyplace
Real time connection with the outside world for on-line transactions
Enablement of Sales
where your customers are

See our Products

e-ON RIX.jpg

e-On RIX


Business, Financial and CRM suite. Integrated functionality for Sales Automation, Project and Contracts Management, Accounting and CRM




Tools to strengthen the internal audit and risk management procedures.





A cloud application for the collection and analysis of information, in the form of questionnaires and surveys.



e-On EPI


Web Portal for the automation of sales of financial products through external business partner channels.


e-On MyWorkplace


Streamlined, automated work flows for HR management. A strategic tool for the achievement of business objectives.




A special CRM application for businesses that offer services.





A special CRM application for businesses that offer services.


100% development & ownership by E-ON.


100% maintenance & support from E-ON.


Business software fully based on web browser concept.


No need to install software on user devices.


Independent functions combined to create fully integrated systems.


Simple, homogeneous and user-friendly interface.


Application of International Best Practices.


Purchase and install on company premises or subscribe to Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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