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The companies that trusted us used innovative technologies and gained strategic competitive advantage

The companies that trusted us, redefined the way they worked and took advantage of internet technologies, repositioning their businesses to the new market conditions and gaining strategic competitive advantage.


We helped them work smarter and more efficient. So they:


  • Connected people through secure collaborative networks.

  • Provided the necessary information real time whenever and wherever needed.

  • Accelerated decision-making.

  • Boosted their sales and reached their customers at their customers locations.

  • Achieved lower costs and increased the speed of delivery of services and products.

  • Improved the quality of services to their customers. 

  • Personalized marketing activities.

  • Improved their results by interfacing their business activities with their financial data.

Connecting remote business locations over the web


We connected the Headquarters of our Customer in Singapore with their office in Greece.  

We accomodated a wide range of functions such as order management, sales and purchases, inventories, issuance of invoices and vouchers .  

Both our customer's locations are now able to access real time the same data and information.

They can respond quickly to their main vendor’s changing requirements.

They have 24/7 access and real-time depiction of data, in different time zones, with zero administration effort.

Automating the functions of a franchise network over the web


For a franchise network in the field of services concerning activities aimed to preschool children, we implemented an innovative system for the management of its  development programs and to track each one of the personal programs offered to individual customers / children.

Our system helped to greatly improve the network's productivity and also laid the foundations for the implementation of CRM processes, with detailed customer record keeping and the ability to send emails & SMS’s for promotional campaigns.  

"MyWorkplace" HR platform.

A lot more than just management


It links people with business goals and empowers collaboration and team work.

Implementing our self service application suite  we gave to our customer's personnel access to a web portal in an organized manner.

automated production of informational and regulatory reports for departments, top management and authorities, reduced administration costs,  increased productivity and efficiency, enhanced collaboration and communication between the people are some of the benefits for our Customer.


A Portal to Promote Retail Banking Products


We combined E-ON EPI and E-ON RIX functionality and we created a Banking Portal for sales automation of financial products by business partner networks. 

The portal includes processes and workflows such as Loan Applications & Approvals, Credit Scoring, Credit Contracts, Collections, Inventories, Fixed Assets, General Ledger and CRM. There are interfaces between them and with inter-bank systems to offer centralized Information.  The system produces all necessary Informative and Auditing reporting  for the Bank and for Regulatory Authorities.

Car Dealership Management System


We have customized E-ON RIX Business, Financial and CRM to fully cover all functions of our customer, a national car importer and its network of 130 dealerships. The system (hardware and software infrastructure)  was installed in the premises of the importer and is available 24X7 to all users, wherever their location, over the web with a browser.

It simplifies and automates all procedures.

It creates a real collaborative environment and improves the quality of customer service.

All dealerships and the importer share common information. The results have been  measurable for everybody.

Companies / Process Automation


Using E-ON Processes with the  Software as a Service subscription option, our ​​customer has achieved a high degree of transparency in the sales and leasing processes for its products.  

They now are certain that all involved people can perform their tasks properly and on time. They have eliminated delays and costs resulting from mistakes on handling cases and are able to deliver faster to their customers which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Press Publisher / Process Integration


The adoption of E-ON RIX,  automated and streamlined under one application portal all critical processes of the Publisher (group of companies). Real time updates of customer records and accounting were achieved.  E-ON RIX contributed to increased productivity,  increased rates of successful collections and allowed for current information about cash availability. 

Generating financial statements any time from any place  has enabled the Management to have real time information concerning the progress and results of operations across the whole group of companies

Coordination of Sales Persons over the web


Our customer, the national branch of a global distributor of fashion items and perfumes has simplified and automated the process of allocating sales persons at third parties’ beauty shops using E-ON HRM. Based on predefined rules, and the specific skills of each sales person, the system suggests which position shall be allocated to whom and when. The system manages regular or occasional absences and generates all necessary regulatory and informational reporting for the HRM and Sales Departments of the company and for the Public Authorities.

Government Portal



In collaboration with our customer we developed a Government Portal, for 25 Ministry or Department websites that provide online services to citizens and businesses. The portal provides accurate, reliable and current information on the procedures and documents required for transactions and services provided by each Public Department, automating and facilitating processes. We trained the people of the  responsible for the Portal Government Agency and  passed on to them all our expertise in order for them to maintain the Portal  and deploy more services in the future.

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