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Connecting and coordinating people working out of office, over the cloud

The Customer: Our customer is a leading brand in the field of fashion and fragrances in Greece and globally. What was the business challenge: The company needed to plan the distribution of Sales Persons (assignments) in third parties beauty shops (external to the client’s main locations).

This is a task repeated every 4 months that includes a formal allocation that must be planned and officially reported to the state authorities (Ministry of Labor).

The actual presence time of the Sales Persons at their posts should be tracked by the system.

Furthermore, each day adjustments to the scheduling were necessary due to special events, illness, vacations and other unscheduled absences.

These adjustments should be reported to the relevant Sales Managers and occasionally to the Top Management (summary reporting).

The customer’s HRM department functions were based on mails, papers, faxes and excel worksheets.

The majority of valuable information was distributed by the above means in a non-structured way from person to person. This way it was difficult and time consuming to make management decisions.

How Ε-ΟΝ Integration approached the Customer’s challenge:

E-On Integration proposed the implementation of its “E-ON HRM” product as SaaS - Software as a Service on a subscription basis.

Ε-ΟΝ HRM was the tool that was used tο:

  • Describe the organizational structure of the customer. Organizational Entities, Levels, Ranks, Positions, Job attributes and Geographic locations are typical characteristics that are defined on the system.

  • Organize all personnel information in a more efficient way. Each person’s identity is composed by information about: Personal data, Recruiting interviews, Employment records, Education, Professional training, Career planning and evaluation, Salary history, Document attachments and Workflow assignments.

  • Provide the tools needed in order to simplify and automate the Sales Persons allocation procedure. Based on predefined rules, and based on the specific skills of employees, the system proposes which post will be filled out by which person and when.

  • Provide the necessary reporting for the Public Authorities, the HR Department, the Sales Managers and the Top Management.

  • Provide a first level (Absence Management) of personnel self-service functionality.

  • Because the system is accessible over the cloud, employees do not have to be in the office to be aware of planning assignment, submit attendance, or otherwise be informed on issues of their interests. All they do is access the system from home.

Results: The quantifiable benefits for the customer by using our E-ON HRM product, were the following:

Operating Costs: Costs went down from reduced telephone and fax costs. There was also significant reduction in paper usage and distribution. Manual work was eliminated and replaced by automated production of informational and regulatory reports. Overall administration costs were significantly reduced from remote data entry, speed of search, easy retrieval of forms, combination of business rules, automated workflow processes, etc.).

Productivity/Efficiency: Productivity is improved from faster and decentralized (self-service) data entry, in a more organized and more controlled fashion. Logical errors concerning the maintenance of information have been eliminated. There is now a faster process in place, to automate the information processing and data extraction for the purpose of regulatory reporting to the Labor Authorities. The system “tools” have helped optimize and facilitate management decision processes.

Collaboration / Communication: The central portal we provided through the system on the cloud, enables for many people to work together in order to achieve common goals. The use of common resources and functions promotes the shared information environment and further inspires team work, collaboration and communication.

The system serves:

Four (4) Top Management people.

Forty three (43) Administration people.

Nine (9) Sale Managers.

One hundred and eighty eight (188) Sale Persons, mostly distributed in various beauty shops (third party companies) outside the physical boundaries of the company.


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