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Your next successful move depends on
how well 
you know your audience

Understand and know your audience.

Use your knowledge to plan your next moves and to improve the way you approach your audience in order to maximize your benefits.


All you need is an internet connection.

QMARK is a system for collecting and analyzing information that works in the cloud in the form of electronic questionnaires or surveys.


Use it to activate, among other things:

  • Market Research

  • Product & Service Evaluations

  • Public Surveys

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Seminar Evaluations

  • Staff Surveys & Evaluations

  • Identification of Trends

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Simple to implement, strong in results…



Create dynamic questionnaires according to your needs.

Apply various rules that will determine the type of answers and the behavior of the questionnaire.



Use our Evaluation & Scoring Tool to automatically rate and rank responses.



Invite the audience you are interested in to participate in the survey and give access through:

  • A QR code posted in prominent locations,

  • Your web site or Facebook.

  • Electronic invitations by SMS.



View statistical analysis by question or by various combinations of questions in graphical representations.

View tables with scorings and evaluations of responses according to your preset rules.

More Services

At your request we can provide additional tools and consulting services. We can design together your research strategy and the questionnaire. We can analyze the data gathered during the survey and after it. Also we can calculate the return on your investment ROI (ROAI) ​​per campaign, or other promotions. Finally, we will deliver a comprehensive data analysis report at the end of the survey and advise you on how to adjust your strategy.

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