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eon EPI

Retail Credit

Sales Automation
extending beyond the borders of the Bank

In the present competitive environment, it is of the outmost importance for banks to be agile and flexible and to respond quickly to market demands by offering new retail banking products. It is also important that they are able to promote and sell these products from more channels other than the traditional bank offices..

E-On EPI Retail Credit, changes the way a Bank approaches the market to sell its products and the way it communicates and collaborates with third sales networks.

Provides answers and scenarios to the seller (bank clerk or not) of retail banking products when facing the prospect customer .


Formulates proposals according to the choices made by the customer. Based on scenarios and calculators.


It fully addresses a series of retail Banking products such as Consumer Loans, Mortgages, Cards, Leasing, Factoring, but also specialized loans such as Cars, Pre-Approved Organizations, Students, etc.


It is a cloud platform that serves many groups of users for operations performed by the various operating units or points of sale of a Bank or by its partners (eg merchants, dealers, agencies, companies, etc.).

Integrated Sales and CRM functionality

Integrated business logic and best business practices

Integrated Communication with Central Accounting Systems

Communication with the DIAS system and other Banking Systems

Specific Statements for the Central Bank

Personal, Consumer, Mortgage loans
Business Loans
Credit cards
Credit Risk Management
Loan Contracts
Credit Scoring
Insurance Products


Why choose it?

Because you get significant benefits. 

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication both within the Bank and the wider circle of its partners and business customers.


Automation, Productivity and Efficiency in daily operations.


Uniformity and common treatment of procedures.


Strong and accurate risk management,


Web platform that enables affordable networking with external sales partners


Flexibility for quick and easy deployment. New features, new locations and new users can be added right away


Anywhere, anytime access including from mobile devices. Enables remote work.


Internationally awarded product by IBM as Best Industry Solution.


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