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Climate Change

Risk Management


Integrated Software for the Management of Natural and
Transitional Climate Change Risks.

In a nutshell:

An integrated approach to processes and reporting

Why RiskClima :
  1. Brings together in a single platform, all the necessary elements such as Risks & Opportunities, Performance Indicators, Mitigation Actions, Dashboards & Reporting

  2. Incorporates Prediction Models at Climate Change milestones (for years 2030, 2040, 2050 or longer depending on the available models)

  3. It is the only Greek Risk Management and Control software that includes Climate Change issues

  4. Includes Knowledge Database, with ready-to-use lists of Risks, Indicators and Actions

  5. Facilitates the process of complying with the Directives and the Legal Framework on Climate Change

  6. Supports risk mitigation and helps reduce the economic impacts of Climate Change

  7. Boosts the achievement of Strategic Objectives on Climate Change

  8. Enhances Corporate Sustainability and Resilience

  9. Delivered with ongoing support from expert consultants and customization of the system to your needs

  10. Offered at a highly competitive price and without the need for an initial investment (SaaS - Software as a Service)


Lead your business to Sustainability!

Why it is important for businesses:

International Policies (Paris Agreement), Directives (EU Green Deal, EU Climate Law) and Standards (TCFD, CDP) increase the pressure to publish data on Climate Change and Climate Action Plans. 

Climate Change issues:

  • They present risks and opportunities.

  • They constitute elements of financial stability and sustainability.

  • Taken into account in investment, financing and insurance decisions in the medium and long term.

  • Taken into account in ESG Ratings.

  • Included in disclosure requirements.

  • They entail a long-term horizon (milestones 2030, 2040, 2050) requiring scenario testing. 

  • They require the design of Action and Adaptation Plans.

Especially in Greece, the Climate Law 4936/2022 requires:
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