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An integrated ERP & CRM cloud solution 

for car dealers and importers.

With a monthly subscription fee

All you need
for your business

An integrated suite of business applications for car dealers and importers designed to make their work more efficient and help them with decision making.

Sales, Customer Service and Marketing activities, Cars and Parts Storerooms and Financial Management are all included in a single applications' platform, so that they can connect and share information about both Cars and Customers.

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Keep track of your sales from the moment customers arrive at the showroom until they leave satisfied.

Full functionality is available for you to track visits, to prepare sales offers for New or Used cars, for purchases of used cars, for placing orders and also for Pre-Sales and After Sales actions.

Repair shops

Your customers are planning a regular service or an unscheduled visit for repairs. You are immediately able to give them a cost estimate.

The application automatically creates a Workshop Order. Invoices and guarantees are produced with a click.

Full functionality is available for Appointment Management, Workshop Orders,

Engineers' Schedules, Special Agreements, Registration and Issuance of Documents.

Spare Parts

Keep updated lists of spare parts or accessories in your warehouse.

See which ones are reserved (ordered or booked).

You have functionality for Managing Codes and Price lists, for Spare Parts and Accessories, to create Offers. The application creates also automatically re-Order Proposals.

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Maintain warehouse codes, storage positions, sales lists, and special offers.

Search for spare parts in your warehouse or on the dealers' network warehouses.

View sales price, inventories, commitments and orders quantities.

Change your price lists, or create discount campaigns.

The application covers fully Warehouse Books and Inventories. 

Submit warranty vouchers per frame number with details such as: Symptoms, Damages, Spare Parts consumed, Works.

See detailed statements and statistics per customer warranties, plate numbers, fault codes and symptom codes.

Connect with Importer and Factory as well as with Workshop.

We help you to know better each of your customers.

Maintain and keep updated a database with specific features, requirements, complaints, special needs of your customers.

Manage repetitive or unique campaigns, send SMS or e-mails, discover cross-selling opportunities, and implement Loyalty Programs. Maximize your customer satisfaction.

Drive your business to the world of "SaaS - Software as a Service" cloud applications .

You only need an internet connection.

With a monthly subscription fee, all functionality is yours to use

anytime, anyplace over the web.

A concept "Pay for as much as you need" for your business

now and for its future expansion .

Piggy Bank

24X7, Anyplace Access

Cost Efficient


E-On RIX Automotives is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You, your employees, your business partners, your accountant and your customers can use its functionality without limitations of geography or time.

Since everyone has access to a single point, there will be no duplicate entries, no multiple copies of documents, no redundancies, no need to integrate Excel spreadsheet data from one application to another, every day or at the end of each month.

You simply pay us a fixed price for each user and all the functionality of the system is available to them.

There is no longer a fixed cost per year or per month for your software.

You do not pay for machines, servers, support software, etc. for maintenance or upgrading.

And if you want to expand your business you only pay for the users you really want to add. You do not need to purchase more extensive versions of your software.

E-On RIX Automotives is hosted at a Data Center in Greece that is subject to all security measures and rules.
Your transactions and data are completely secure. They are transmitted over the internet with encryption and authentication techniques.
Only authorized users have access to your software. Their authorizations determine what they can or cannot do in the system and exactly where they have access to. The authorizations are set by you - the system administrator - with parameters.
Anyone who has access to the system acquires a unique username and password and we use robust authentication techniques.

A fully integrated system as well as a tool to assist in decision making.

Our software for car dealers and importers offers a strong collaborative environment

designed to include besides your executives also your partners, accountants and clients 

having the flexibility to evolve and grow with your business.


Collaboration and Communication with all

Flexibility for business and network development


An extensive application platform that offers you a powerful collaborative working environment both within your own business and outside of your business environment with your partners and clients.

All your business channels (sales, warehouses, back office), your business partners (accountants, lawyers, suppliers) and your customers share the same up-to-date information according with the authorizations you have given through a single access point.

They collaborate and communicate more effectively through a secure infrastructure platform. There is no longer need for phones and e-mail exchanges. No more duplicate entries.

We have designed e On RIX Automotives to grow with your business.

You can upload new features and new users in a matter of minutes, regardless of their geographical location, since there is no need to do something locally on their computers such as loading programs, files or databases.

All new versions are centrally controlled.

You decide on which features you need and how to use them to meet your business requirements and they are automatically deployed throughout your network. Thus, the business processes are unified and fully synchronized.

E On RIX Automotives can really evolve and grow along with your business.

Reduce your IT costs by up to 80%.

No more purchases and installations of software and system upgrades. Everything is accessible online through your PC, tablet or even your mobile phone.

Improve customer order delivery times and reduce your inventory needs.

Print invoices and offers on A4 plain paper and reduce the cost of printed material.

Experience improvements in your employees' productivity by accessing standard real-time processes.

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