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Your business' Risk Management and Internal Audit,

in your hands


Now everything is connected


a single platform!

Why choose RIBIA ERM?

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It is the only Greek software for Risk Management and Internal Control.

It is offered at a very competitive price and without requiring an initial investment (SaaS).


Preloaded ready to use Risks, Mitigation Actions and Self Assessment libraries.



It is fully flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.


After sales support is provided by specialized consultants.


It is based on International Best Practices and Principles of Corporate Governance.


Offers Collaboration, Transparency, Objectivity and Traceability, in real time.



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What RIBIA ERM offers and why it is an innovative Business Risk Management and Internal Audit software.

Manage effectively all Enterprise Risks!

  • Central Risk Registry

  • Risk assessment historical data

  • Risk assignments to Risk owners

  • Risk Analysis.  Future Risk Prediction scenarios


Risk Μanagement

Internal Audit


Increase internal audit productivity

  • Central Control Techniques Registry

  • Audit programs and tasks timetable

  • Audit Findings registry and documentation

  • Mitigation Actions 

Collect data effectively and organized, on time!

  • Self-assessments design 

  • Scorecard activation

  • Answers automatic evaluation and scoring   

  • Data analysis (analytical and comparative results)



Mitigation Actions

Follow up on Actions and see results!

  • Mitigation Actions and link with Risks

  • Mitigation Actions costing

  • Tasks Assignment (ToDo’s) to owners

  • Actions implementation Monitoring (who - when - what)

And finally answer all the critical questions!

  • Which risks need definitely to be addressed?

  • What is the acceptable level of risk?

  • What is the cost to achieve an acceptable level of risk?

  • What is the effectiveness of risk mitigation actions?

Risk Appetite


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