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e-On RIX

Full functionality for

the administrative and financial management

of projects.


No need to buy and install software.


Secure access with no time  or location restrictions.

With a subscription fee per user

Unified information for all involved parties.

Tool for better assignment, coordination, cost planning and revenue.

An innovative application that provides functionality for creating, displaying, modifying, linking and disseminating all the information needed to successfully coordinate and manage a project.


The right tool for project managers that helps them perform better on assignments, cost and revenue planning as well as invoice management.


With cloud computing infrastructure that allows all operations to be performed over the web, by users who do not need any kind of software installed on their computers. Everything is accessible through a single application with a workflow concept.


Eon Projects provides unified, valid and immediate information for the execution of Projects from all involved parties.


Improves transaction flows and eliminates all unnecessary activities while providing a user-friendly interface.


Developed with modern standards for the integration of Web services, it is successfully integrated into all central systems and third-party applications for the exchange of information and data.


Fully customizable and flexible to adapt to the needs of each business.

An open system that communicates with both third party systems and the company's internal data exchange systems.

Project and Task Management
  • Cost Budget

  • Revenue Budget

  • Payment terms and schedules

  • Detailed cost transactions

  • Elements of project progress

  • Displays the current financial or progress status of the project, at any time in total and in detail using a selection of criteria.

  • Project status is displayed in absolute numbers or in completion rate graphs.


  • Costing at various desired levels such as total project or individual tasks.

  • The costing can be independent, or linked to General or Detailed Accounting from which it receives the primary cost data.

  • Costing is budgetary and accounting.

  • Cost figures can also be presented in the form of the Gantt Chart, as rates of completion of the project budget and its individual cost elements, according to the initial estimates or revised budgets.

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Connection of people

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  • Workflow functionality for recording the assignment of tasks to individuals or companies.

  • The system includes time reports or time sheets, so that it is known who worked on each project, how much was the cost they added and of course what income they generated (generated income).

  • Each person can participate in one or more parts / tasks of the project.

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