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Artificial intelligence in the banking sector: Front and Backoffice solutions for tomorrow's digital bank


  • Reduce the percentage of red loans in your bank
  • Enhance your customers' credit decision process without changing your "scorecard"
  • Provide an immediate response at the point of sale for instant credit
  • Leverage your CRM data


  • Improves measurable indicators of your crucial processes (e.g. probability of default on loans (PD), percentage of red loans, etc.)

  • Leverages AI and Machine Learning techniques, unlike your core banking system which incorporates "algorithms"

  • Takes into account other sources of information, not just the customer's behavior history and the statistics you already have

  • Does not interfere with your existing process. It works " in addition to" and complements, therefore enhances. It does not replace

  • Reveals dimensions (metrics, groupings) that, until today, you have not discovered

  • Is fully adjustable to your needs, as it does not promote the "one-size-fit-all product" approach.

  • Combines the power and reliability of the E-ON EPI banking system with the latest artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques, applied to the E-ON SENSE platform

  • Is available at a very competitive price with different options. On the cloud or on-premise, at standard or variable cost

EPI SENSE: A methodological approach

  • Identification your area of interest

  • Analysis of your existing data (GDPR Compliant)

  • Enrichment with other data that will be further agreed on. Data lake implementation

  • Data modeling

  • Pilot application. Evaluation of the results "behind the scene"

  • Data analysis in B.I. front-end (if needed)

  • Provision of the SENSE API for the integration of EPI SENSE in your core banking or front-end

  • Next opportunity! Identification of a new area of interest and repetition of the process


What is not EPI SENSE:

  • It is not a scorecard

  • It is not a core banking system

  • It is not a CRM

  • It does not substitute your current processes

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