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ESG Reporting Sofware


Streamline ESG Reporting Process. Save time, increase transparency and ensure the reliability of your data with the most innovative and secure data collection and analysis tools.


  1. Automatically generates sustainability reports (Athens Stock Exchange, Banks, CSR)

  2. Based on international standards (TCFD, GRI, CDP) and national practices (ATHEX-ESG)

  3. Rich reporting (dashboards, KPIs, indexes)

  4. Connects ESG data with financial data

  5. Offers transparency, collaboration and real-time traceability

  6. Fully customizable to your needs

  7. Offered at a very competitive price and without requiring initial investment (SaaS)

The RIBIA ESG incorporates ATHEX ESG indicators and automatically generates the report.

RIBIA ESG: At a glance

End to end System.   Automates sustainability data collection and management.  Covers all ESG initiatives across your business units.  Combines financial data and automatically generates the required reports. 


The need to organize ESG data:

Based on the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), from 2024 onwards, all large companies and listed SMEs will gradually be required to submit annual Sustainability Reports based on specific ESG indicators.

However, ESG Reporting will also become effectively mandatory for the majority of SMEs if they are suppliers to large or listed companies and if they will need funding, at some point

ESG issues are

  • Elements of financial stability and sustainability.

  • Critical factors for investment, lending and insurance decisions in the medium and long term.

  • Criteria for upstream/downstream partners selection.

Stakeholders (Authorities, Banks, Investors, etc.) are increasingly requesting ESG information and related risks that are comparable, reliable and clear.

RIBIA ESG can assist you to collect and report these data in an easy, systematic and structured way.


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