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We have the solution you need

to make your business

agile and competitive

All our solutions have been developed with internet and cloud technologies. So you can install them in your own premises and deploy your own private cloud for your business, your partners and your sales network. Or you may access them from our secure public cloud as "SaaS - Software as a Service" on a subscription basis investing nothing for purchases of software or technology infrastructures.

The choice is yours.


Is your business expanding in many geographic locations? Do your employees or business partners work outside the office? Do you have a franchise network or an extensive sales network? Try E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM. The suite that takes the commercial and financial management of your business a step beyond, to an integrated collaboration platform accessible through a web browser.


E-ON Processes is the tool to automate and streamline your processes, particularly in the current economic conditions that require optimization, efficient management and constant adjustments in order to stay competitive. It is a cloud application that enables everyone involved, to have access from any location making it simple to manage and coordinate processes across the width and the organizational structure of your business.


Link within each project the persons or companies that are involved in it and that contribute to the overall costs and revenues. View on line real time the current financial position of each project as a total or broken down by department, people, activity or task including comprehensive budgeting at the level desired by each controller. Watch the implementation progress of  each project in statistics or statuses.


If your business is engaged in the provision of services, there are a number of issues you face concerning the contracts signed with your customers. There are also issues concerning the management and the daily operations of your business. You must make certain that the hours you and your employees spent are accurately recorded so when the time of invoicing comes they are properly billed. You must also ensure that your obligations towards your customers are met.


An integrated application for organizing, managing, evaluating and leveraging the human resources of your company.  A Self Service Human Resources Management system that enables anyplace, anytime access through a web browser and offers a true collaborative environment, automating processes through workflows. It is also  a strategic tool for achieving the company’s business objectives.


As simple as a click...

The job market 24 hours a day at your finger tips through your browser. Are you an employer? Search for employees according to your own criteria and with no need for intermediaries.

Are you a job seeker? Do not just seek for a job, aim for a successful career according to your own criteria and with no need for intermediaries.

QMARK  is a cloud tool that enables you to collect and analyze information and data by creating web surveys and questionnaires.  

Use it to conduct Market Research, Evaluations of Products and Services, Public Polls, Identification of Trends, Customer Satisfaction.

Leverage your knowledge to plan your next moves and improve the way you approach your audience in order to  maximize your benefits.


We believe we have the most complete solution for car dealers and importers. E-ON RIX Business & Financials for the automotive sector is a vertical solution especially adapted for such companies. We have applied the long collective experience of our people and best business practices to address all the needs of this industry through a single integrated and collaborative platform.


Leasing solutions for business cars are gaining ground. More and more companies and business people recognize the benefits. They also seek for new and complex services.  E-On always listening to the demands of the market has developed a system that covers the entire range of needs of a Car Leasing company.


We have changed the way a bank reaches the market for the sale of its retail products and the way that the bank’s officers, its partners and its customers communicate, collaborate and interact. We provide scenario and calculators for the preparation of proposals, CRM functionality, workflows, integrated communication with the Central Accounting System, reporting for the Central Bank, interfaces with DIAS and other banking systems.


An integrated financial, business and CRM suite for publishers. All functionality such as Production, Pricing, Subscriptions, Publications, Warehouses are connected through a system for optimizing the services and the business results.


InStyleApp is an innovative CRM application that we offer over the internet with a small subscription fee per business location.

Manage your appointments, contact your customers with SMS and get access to critical information about the performance of your customers, your partners and your equipment.


Ε-on MyWorkplace Legal Case Management is an integrated solution that covers all administrative issues concerning legal cases.

It provides reliable, direct feedback and information on active legal cases.

Full coverage of Financial Departments concerning their requirements for credible and automated calculations of provisions for fines or litigation for the Financial Statements.


RIBIA is an integrated solution that provides the tools to strengthen a company's internal audi processes and risk management.

It largely increases the internal audit's productivity and efficiency.  

It eliminates subjectivity of findings.

It provides the company’s management with accurate reports of findings and suggestions for improvement.

It tracks each finding in relation with the implementation of the proposed improvements. 

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