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Create, manage, monitor and optimize now all your business processes.

Are you having problems in the execution of your business processes such as delays, increased management costs, communication difficulties between the parties, dissatisfaction from your customers or partners?

Ε-ΟΝ Integration has the right tool to help you deal with these problems, especially in today’s tough economic conditions that require optimization, efficient management and seamless control of your critical business processes so your business remains competitive.

Our eon Processes provides all the functionality you need to easily create the flow of your business processes, manage them, monitor them and make improvements as required. Apart from this, because it is a cloud application, all persons involved in the processes have access through a common web browser from any location, thus making it simple to manage and coordinate the processes across the width and the organizational structure of your business. Our eon Processes allows even users who are away from the office to stay connected to critical business processes and perform their duties while ensuring the security of interactions.

In brief eon Processes enables you to:

  • Establish a high level of transparency

  • Ensure correct processing at every level and stage from all involved parties according to their roles

  • Avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

  • Prevent errors and problems or at least diagnose them early.

  • Increase your customers and business partners satisfaction.

Eon Processes enables you to:

  • Create digital forms and automate any business process, from the most simple to the most complex, to set levels of approvals and controls and define the responsible persons.

  • Provide information and support at every step of the process so that users can proceed on next steps and actions without delay.

  • Keep track of every step in order to ensure that the process is carried out promptly and correctly.

With eon Processes you can monitor and evaluate processes in real time. For each process you can set rules that will regulate the management of specific actions and tasks and assign the required documents depending on the business needs. At each stage you can set alarms and triggers to alert users when their tasks are overdue or there is a need for action on their part.

Finally the most important features are the monitoring tools (reports and dashboards) that help you diagnose any problems early in order to make the necessary improvements so your processes become more efficient and user friendly.

eon Processes' cycle


Create the flow of your business process and define the specific tasks and incidents. Set rules for operations and interactions.


Define user access authorizations concerning functions and tasks of the process.

Enrich the model with all necessary extra information and rules like commencement and completion times, cancellation functions and finalize the workflow. Employ to your users.


Daily operation of the system and execution of the process and its tasks with the active involvement of all departments and users.


Tasks’ Calendar and Dashboards for online monitoring of the processes in progress and real time identification of any problems. Production of management reports that identify any weaknesses and evaluate processes.


Changes to eliminate any problems observed in previous stages of the cycle. Incorporation of changes to the model and repetition of the cycle for the continuous improvement of business processes.


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