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Automating the functions of a franchise network over the web

The customer: Our client is a leading name in the field of services concerning development programs to preschool children in Greece and abroad. Active since 1976 they have over 700 locations in 55 countries, making them the world leader in such development programs. These are designed by qualified scientists so each age level includes fun activities that help develop the knowledge, social and physical skills of the child through play.

What was the Business Challenge: The company needed to automate the procedure for each development program and track each one of the personal programs offered to individual customers / children. Even more they franchisor needed to have the ability for central control concerning reporting.

In case that a customer / child required service from another branch, it should be possible to offer such a service. Customers / children should be allowed to attend their development programs in another location if their payments were up to date.

The company needed to track attendance and absences. It also needed to be able to manage peak hours of increased attendance when the entrance registration should be particularly quick and easy.

Besides the above issues one more important factor of success was the cost of implementation, as the franchise network is in an upward development phase with many operational challenges on the horizon!

How Ε-ΟΝ Integration approached the Customer’s challenge:

E-On Integration proposed the implementation of its CRM application “InStyleApp” as a SaaS model on a subscription basis.

This application is specifically designed for companies / service providers based on the concept of appointments and/or subscriptions (hairdressers, gyms, etc.). It provides a very simplified user friendly interface, without lacking in functionality and does not include unnecessary (for that kind of company) concepts such as accounting transactions, billing etc. It focuses mainly in running the business and not on the back-office.

The application simplified and automated procedures that were more crucial to the customer and even associated them with bar-code reader in order to reduce keystrokes as much as possible. Each franchisee’s location’s transactions are tracked both by its manager and the central management of the franchisor. Ultimately, even the franchisee fees are generated through simple and easy to understand reports.

Since the application resides in a private cloud infrastructure of E-ON INTEGRATION, users do not need to be in the office to work. All they need to access the application is an internet connection and a device, from home or from wherever they are.

Results: Productivity / Efficiency: The productivity was improved by introducing a new and innovative management system. Also, the foundations were laid for the implementation of CRM processes, with detailed customer record keeping and the ability to send emails & SMS’s for promotional campaigns.

The brand image was upgraded and the concept of the franchise became more attractive as interested investors see that the company applies innovative technologies.

The system serves a growing number of franchisees, who are uploaded on the platform in an easy way, by E-ON, only a few hours! Activation "on-boarding" only requires some customization, without any physical hardware installation or software. The presence of E-ON in the client's premises is not even necessary!


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