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Government Portal

The Customer:

In this case study, one of the longer-term projects of our company, we will name our Customer, the Cyprus government in order to avoid misunderstandings.

What was the challenge/ Project Objective:

The primary objective of the project was to create a Government Web Portal, which would include a number of web sites of Ministries, Divisions and Departments. Furthermore it would provide electronic services to citizens and businesses, where possible.

The overall project should succeed:

  • To offer to citizens and businesses a Government Web Portal which would be informative, well structured, easily accessed and of a nice look and feel through which Ministries, Divisions and Departments could provide their services.

  • To unite all the individual websites of the Ministries, Departments and Divisions under this one central Government Portal.

  • To inform citizens and businesses about the existing government services and facilities and to make them available.

  • To offer citizens and businesses, accurate, and reliable on-line current information concerning the procedures and the documents required for transactions and services provided by public agencies.

  • To minimize the inconvenience for citizens and businesses in their transactions with the public sector.

  • To facilitate the tasks of civil servants and streamline the services and transactions processes, as citizens and businesses would be more familiar in advance with the relative procedures and rules.

  • To introduce and familiarize citizens and business to local public electronic services.

  • To "extend" the hours the public agencies operated and to provide more convenient times to citizens and businesses to ask for service.

  • To minimize the need for the presence of citizens and businesses at the public agencies to ask for service.

  • To improve the quality of services and response times.

  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Administration.

What did Ε-ΟΝ Integration deliver:

  • The government portal

  • The websites of 25 Ministries, Departments and Divisions.

  • A content management environment for each website so that future maintenance and addition or removal of information and material is possible by ordinary users / operators, without requiring any technical knowledge.

  • A complete set of documentation, both on technical and operational level.

  • Knowledge of the process requirements for designing, implementing, monitoring, and publishing any future web sites for other Ministries, Divisions and Departments.

Results: The purpose and objectives of the project were 100% fulfilled, by following a very specific and strict process. Each one of the planned steps and procedures have been met and we have delivered a functional and fully documented product (the Government Web Portal and 25 web sites).

The web sites are now maintained and updated by the Cyprus government itself. Any new web sites are also designed by the government’s responsible department. This was one of the most important objectives of the whole project, the transfer of expertise.

More specifically the project achieved the following benefits for the Cyprus government:

  • Increased the provided e-services to citizens.

  • Reduced the time required to carry out the citizens’ transactions.

  • Led to a universal and improved interaction with the public.

  • As a result of the above a better relationship with the citizens was established.

  • The appearance and functionality of government websites is common for all departments now, making them easier to be used by the ordinary citizen.

  • The websites are easily maintained (administration & document management) by people who do not need to have technical knowledge or to use specialized technology tools.

  • Development and implementation of additional websites of the Cyprus Government is done by its own Department of Technology.

  • The total cost of maintenance of Government websites is reduced.


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