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Banks Sales Automation

The Customer: Our customer operates in Greece and in many other countries around the world and provides financial products and services in the area of car financing. We were chosen to be their technology partner when the Bank decided to begin its operations in Greece.

What was the business challenge: It was critical for the Bank to be able to communicate on line real time with its external partners, the Car Dealerships networks in the country, in order to sell its financial products.

They had to be able to communicate easily with a cheap and effective way with multiple points of sales, receive loan applications, perform on line approval processes and execute other electronic transactions over the internet. All those transactions should update the internal Bank systems as the General ledger and the central Data Base in order to produce reports for the Regulatory Authorities.

How Ε-ΟΝ Integration approached the Customer’s case:

E-ON and the Bank designed an overall business and technology architecture in view of the implementation of new business functionality for the Bank operations in Greece.

The approach selected was to install Ε-ΟΝ Integration’s software platforms, E-ON EPI andE-ON RIX. These were the primary sources for configurable workflow processes. The required processes were developed by E-ON to accommodate all the Bank’s requirements including Business rules and Parameters, Persons (Customers, Suppliers, Stakeholders), Applications, Contracts, Credit Scoring, Cash and Bank Collections, Warehouses, General Ledger (Accounting), Fixed Assets. E-ON also provided a Report Generator tool for the production of all required present and future reporting for the Bank and the Regulatory Authorities.

The integrated Business process & workflow environment is a very well defined concept within E-ON EPI and E-ON RIX. Most other competitive packages, would fail to reach a high degree of integration. For example, one might find reputable "Loan Origination and Approval" workflows but not integrated seamlessly with back office general ledgers, risk management and financial reporting.

Leading edge Collaboration Environment: We developed for the Bank a Loan Applications Platform for its Credit operations in Greece, based on innovative web technologies creating a true collaborative environment for the bank’s employees and their car dealerships partners. The new application platform is installed and operating on a set of servers in a data center. These servers serve any Intranet, Extranet or Internet users. In this way the functional and technical issues are serviced in the most inexpensive and efficient way using the Bank’s available infrastructure and thus connecting them with the intranet and consequently the internet.

Results: E-ON's Software and its processes, ensure a solid infrastructure for a full scale of a Management Information System, of Sales Force Automation / CRM- Customer Relationships Management and also for the interfaces with interbank systems for the exchange of data concerning payments to other or from other banks or for black lists.

The core process is the Loans Management system, including the filing of applications and their submission from the outside world of Dealers and Merchants, internal evaluation workflow(s) as well as integrated back office processing such as interest calculations, insurance proposals, customer statements, credit scoring, payments through interbank system, etc.

In addition, the contract management functions are covered, according to legal and managerial requirements.

The whole set of processes ends at the General Ledger and the embedded statutory and regulatory reporting to the supervisory authorities.

The Bank has enjoyed a lot of benefits by the implementation of E-ON’s integrated software platform :

  • Automation and complete coverage of the sales cycle and CRM functionality in order to know and serve the customers better and to coordinate marketing activities.

  • Collection of data and information from all channels within and outside the Bank.

  • Increased Productivity since there are no duplicate entries of any kind and no manual communications or manual processes.

  • Integrated collaborative environment that leads to better coordination of sales and faster response to market demands.


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