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Process Automation

The Customer: Our customer is the country distributor of a well known brand which produces and sells industrial equipment. What was the business challenge: The most important function of a commercial company like our customer is sales. It is a process that consists of a number of tasks and activities such as placing orders abroad, execute imports and clearance of goods and most important deliver the products and train the customers. The complexity of these tasks and also the extended time required to complete some of the tasks and the whole process, inevitably created a large number of pending processes (sales leads) in various stages and with different deliverables by stage and type of product.

So keeping track of all these processes and every single case of sales and most important, identifying potential delays and mistakes, had proven to be an extremely complex process not only for the involved employees but also for the control mechanisms and the company’s management.

Another activity of the company is to lease their products which also presented the same problems as sales.

Another activity of the company is the leasing of their products which also presented the same problems as sales.

The only solution to the problem seemed to be the installation of a software application to record every new sales or lease activity, every step and action to be taken and the most important elements of each individual step such as dates, time to complete, technical and economic assessments, orders, documents etc. The application should be available with no restrictions on time or location.

How Ε-ΟΝ Integration approached the challenges of the Customer:

E-On Integration proposed its SaaS “E-ON Processes” software solution which provides all the required functionality to easily create the flow of business processes, manage them, monitor them and make improvements as required.

Apart from this, because it is a cloud application, all persons involved in the processes have access through a common web browser from any location, thus making it simple to manage and coordinate the processes across the width and the organizational structure of the business.

Results: By using our SaaS application we helped the company to create flows of their sales and leasing processes. The parameters of the system were set to accommodate various types of workflows based on the types of products. Access authorizations concerning functions and tasks of the processes were also set at the users’ level.

Now users have all the information and support they need from the system at every step of the process so they can proceed on next steps and actions without any delays. Both the end users and the management can keep track of every step of the sales processes including delivery and training of their customers and ensure that it is carried out promptly and on time.

They all have at their disposal tools to help them monitor their work at all times. Like Tasks’ Calendar and Dashboards that display pending tasks, tasks in progress, postponed tasks, delays, completions and more. There is also a variety of audit reports that identify overall progress and possible weaknesses or problems.

By using “E-ON Processes”, the company has established a high level of transparency for their sales and leasing processes and has ensured that all involved employees can proceed with their tasks correctly and on time. There are no delays or costs incurring from errors in handling cases and the company is able to deliver more promptly to their customers this way increasing their satisfaction.


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