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More than an HRM software - A strategic planning tool.

Market conditions change.

Change the way you run your business.

Move into the world of "cloud" applications SaaS.

Unleash the power of Web to organize and manage your most precious asset

Your Human Capital.

A unique self service Web Portal for anyplace, anytime access.

With a monthly subscription fee per user.

A strategic business tool that ensures you will achieve your business goals. All you will ever need is an internet connection.

eon myWorkplace : The advantage you need.

Unified Collaboration Environment

Anytime, anyplace access from all your managers and people

Integration & Automation

It bridges the gap between individual systems or traditional practices of gathering information and data.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Add users or locations. Use more or less functionality according to your needs. No need for intervention of specialized IT department personnel.


Enables managers and personnel to follow the progress of approvals or other activities as Evaluations, Leaves, Expense Reports etc.

Web Portal Concept

The main page introduces all services offered in a customized / personalized manner regarding the size and the type of available content.

Give your managers and your people the tool they need to support your operational planning.

Eon myWorkplace is much more than just a Human Resources Management System.

It is a strategic tool that ensures you achieve your business goals since it supports important decisions on all operational and strategic business planning and answers questions related to the medium and long term objectives.

A flexible and modern self service suite that covers in an integrated manner all aspects of the Human Resources Management lifecycle.

Starting from Needs Analysis where eon myWorkplace transforms your business objectives into requirements for human resources,

toRecruiting where it automates and standardizes all relevant procedures establishing a corporate policy for interviews, evaluations, proposals and offers to candidates,

toOrganizational Positioning which ensures that people are placed in the right organizational level and are assigned tasks in accordance with their skills and talents and required for each position.

Then to support the creation and execution of the Professional Training program according to the actual needs of the company’s personnel. Where predefined requirements of skills and qualifications for each organizational position matched with real data concerning the profiles and the training requirements of people enable the company to cover immediately any vacant positions and also offers to it an invaluable tool to plan the future.

Eon myWorkplace goes on offering solutions for Performance Evaluation through workflow processes that are dynamically defined and offer complete flexibility as to Who, Where and Which actions are required. With multiple types of evaluation forms that cover various needs of evaluations for people, tasks, events etc.

This way it provides a full view for each person and the basic aspects that must be taken into account for

Compensation Management. Through statements and comparative results the system takes into account all the factors that determine the “fair wage” for each person according to the results of the evaluations, the personal characteristics, the education, the position in the organization chart etc.

At the same time it manages Personnel Mobility ensuring that performance is optimized, that there are no duplications of tasks and that all people are positioned in accordance with the overall business objectives while it produces statistical data related to the hierarchical structure.

Finally closing the circle of Human Resource Management through a number of informative reports eon myWorkplace provides the necessary information to support difficult decisions related to Outplacements or to lead with an organized manner to Retirements.

Solutions for your company


Activation and monitoring of all kinds of business performance indicators in both individual level and group level. Dynamical definition of the type of data and the frequency of measurement of the target. Depicted as Objective/Target - Result - Comparison / Divergence.


Creation, management and processing of various types of questionnaires that can cover activities and needs like Market Research, Evaluations, Polls, Customer Satisfaction Surveys etc. They can also be used with KPI's to collect data that will feed specific indicators.


Creation of evaluation models that can be used either as “standalone” tools or combined with surveys to evaluate collected data.


A tool for the overall organization and operation of the company since it contributes to the improvement of quality issues and the achievement of measurable results.


Publication on the Portal of all kinds of information either in the form of communication or in the form of corporate knowledge.

Your business will gain a lot of benefits from a “cloud” application SaaS regardless its size.

Anyplace, Anytime Access

Your employees and your staff will have access to a fully secure platform of HCM applications from anywhere at anytime. Everyone will enter the same environment and be able to manage their own information or demands without limitation of geographic location or time. You'll get on-line, real time, access to critical information about your people wherever you are located. No software is required on users’ devices or local servers. All you need is a connection to the internet.

Reduce IT Costs

You will benefit from a significant reduction in IT costs for your business. You will not have to purchase software and pay fees for maintenance and upgrading. You will not incur hidden costs for expansions and new releases.

You will not need database management and investment in equipment. You take all you need from the application platform eon myWorkplace, paying a monthly fee per user and you will always have the latest version available without any action on your part.

Your cost will depend entirely on the number of your users. While you pay less you get more than with traditional solutions, installed at your site, if you take into account that such HCM systems usually need many different applications installed on various administrative or geographical parts of the business that require great effort to interface.


There is no security issue to worry about. Eon myWorkplace is developed in robust IBM Technologies. The workflow environment is Lotus Domino and the Data Base is DB2. The platform infrastructure is a totally secure multi-tenant environment hosted in a Data Center subject to all safety rules. The access is made through identification of users according to roles and authorizations that you specify. Your transactions and your data are completely secure through encryption techniques and strong authentication.

We are responsible for the security of your data and we obtain Back ups at fixed times. Also all the transactions and accesses to the system are recorded and are available to your system administrators.


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