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Collections e On RIX


A part of the globally awarded application suite

E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM.

If you sell on credit,

If you have a large amount of unpaid invoices,

If it takes a lot of time to manage your receivables,

If your customers postpone on a regular basis the payment of your invoices,

If you are not adequately familiar with the behavior of your customers and the history of delayed or denied payments,

If you need help to classify the most important outstanding cases of delayed payments,

If you have no other means of communication about delayed payments than the telephone which costs a lot both in time and money,

Then keep on reading…

What is E-ON RIX Collections?

It is a module of the globally awarded application suite (IBM 2008) E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM.

It is integrated with the central commercial module to help you manage your receivables on a daily basis.

In particular:

It classifies your customers and their payables sorted by total amounts and age.

It keeps history of changes on Customer Classification.

It keeps track of collection actions. It records all actions taken to collect receivables.

It proposes the next action to be taken, based on previous history.

It produces a daily on-line list as a result of follow up rules of previous actions.

Actions may be assigned to various persons. All persons involved have access to an on-line calendar for follow up actions to be taken.

Furthermore …

If you also have the E-ON RIX CRM module, then there are more actions available to you in order to collect receivables. You can create right from your Customer Lists mass production of letters or send bulk emails and SMS’s.

The system automatically proposes to move a “bad” Customer to a more strict Credit Terms group classification based on standard models you have specified. It also proposes the upgrade of a “good” Customer to a more favorable Credit Terms group classification.

If you also have E-ON RIX Accounting, then you can book of the balance write-off entry and properly mark the customer.

Do you work with external collection agencies or law firms to assign cases? Then there are more options for you:

You can assign cases (customers) to your external partners and keep records. Then you can receive performance reports for each of them on how many cases were processed, what was the amount in dispute and what was the final amount received etc.

Your partners will be able to access the system and use it as if they were your employees. They view the same files and execute the same tasks as you while you can follow everything they do in real time. They may also have access to the performance reports if you allow them to. You do not need another web portal or any exchange of EXCEL files for your communication with them.

If some of the cases need to follow a legal path, we have a special Legal Case Management system available for you with a lot more legal details and functionality.

How does it work?

You specify Classification Groups of receivables.

You specify possible actions to be take in order to collect receivables (i.e. «telephone call», «visit», «email» etc.)

All the above are combined into a model, a roadmap of actions. This way the system can propose the next action to be taken in each case.

Each day, or on demand, the system automatically reviews your customers’ list and proposes reclassifications of customers as required. Customers that have paid all or part or their payables «improve» their position and the proposed by the system actions to be taken towards them.


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