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"e-Shop Connector"

You crossed the threshold of sales over the web.

You created your online shop. One more channel to reach customers in the current difficult conditions and to sell your products and services.

But can your back office systems support you?

Does your business and financial system update on line real time your General Ledger and your Inventories?

Does it automatically track orders placed at your on line shop?

Can it communicate with your suppliers in order to satisfy requirements related to placed orders?

Are electronic transactions with your suppliers supported that enable electronic invoicing?

Is your CRM application automatically updated with information about your e shop visitors and their preferences?

E-On RIX Business, Financials & CRM will cover all of the above requirements with its e-shop connector functionality.

How does it work?

  • It receives all order transactions and automatically updates Inventories, General Ledger and CRM.

  • It automatically generates all necessary documents such as invoices and receipts without requiring any more processing or input of data.

  • It tracks the orders’ execution process and links orders with the requirements and demands to your suppliers.

In fact the connection of E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM with your e-shop is all about interfacing your General Ledger and your company’s data bases with your e-shop. This means that whenever a customer places an on line order, your e-shop and your back office system have at the same time, the same information about the sales transaction.

The on line shop accepts the order and links it to the customer record, the back office system receives the information and updates CRM and inventories, generates billings and invoices and initiates the execution workflow for the order.

Why do you need it?

E-ON RIX connection with your on line shop will offer you a broad range of benefits.

  • Substantially improves customer service.

  • Better response times.

  • Increased opportunities for your business.

  • More automation and better interfaces will enable you to manage larger volumes.

  • Reduced costs in the medium and long term.

  • More accuracy – since your e-shop and your back office system interface and share the same data you minimize possible errors.

  • Better use of your peoples’ time.

And all of the above without any requirements of investments from you to purchase and maintain any software or hardware equipment since we E-ON RIX is a SaaS – Software as a Service accessed over the internet anyplace and anytime with a subscription fee.

Take advantage of the benefits from connecting your on line shop with your Business, Financial and CRM application and reduce at the same time the costs of IT for your company since for E-ON RIX you will only pay a monthly subscription fee per user.

You only need an internet connection and a web browser.


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