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E-ON RIX B2B Sales Portal


A part of our globally awarded software suite E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM.

It integrates seamlessly with the central Commercial Business software to help you further automate your sales.

Is your business mostly in wholesales?

Do you have recurring customers?

Does each sale require significant time for communications either by telephone or other traditional means?

Do you experience frequent returns of goods due to price misunderstandings? Would you like to have the customer’s final approval concerning the bill before dispatching their order?

Do you think it would be useful to give access to your customers to an electronic system for handling their orders?

Would you like to execute the whole ordering process and deliveries with electronic Invoices within a single environment.

Do you believe that a typical e-shop would not be able to accommodate your needs?

If you gave a positive answer to some of the above questions then we have the solution for you.

How does it work?

It enables your customers to enter in a specific secure space inside E-ON RIX in order to place and send their orders to you. In fact they can see on-line the final total price including any special discounts that you may have given them.

It notifies you as soon as an order comes from this channel. This significantly reduces the response time to your customers.

The internal process for the execution of the Order is initiated with the standard E-ON RIX functionality. However in order to process the order and issue an invoice the system requires an electronic authorization from your customer. The customer is notified by email that you are requesting approval.

So since you already have your customer’s approval from the previous step you are free to issue the invoice as soon as the order is ready to be dispatched.

After the invoice is issued, the customer is able to see the completion of the order in their own secure space in the portalof E-ON RIX


Your customer is a part of a functional sales portal, through which they can receive additional services. For example among others to receive the statement of their account or to post requests for support.

If your customer has activated the electronic Invoice functionality then after the completion of the order they can pull the invoice document from the system or receive an electronic file to upload on their ERP. Finally they can notify you through the system about the receipt of the files or even about the payment of the invoice.

Why do you need it?

To reduce the time you need daily to handle orders, by reducing manual processes requiring phone and fax communications and even provide more time to your sales people.

To reduce the likelihood of disagreements in the execution of orders, whether these concern the offered prices and discounts or delivery times etc.

To reduce the average execution time of your customers’ orders.

To implement an extrovert solution and a new sales channel, which is not necessarily a typical (with additional costs!) E-shop, which ultimately might not even serve you.

To enhance the image of your business, showing your customers that you are seeking to provide them with new collaboration tools.

Finally, to increase your profit margin by reducing the processing cost of each order.

How much does it cost?

As part of the basic Business and Financial suite “E-ON RIX”, the extra functionality will come at a low cost compared to the benefits it will offer.

In fact for the first month, we offer it for free if you decide to subscribe for our basic suite “E-ON RIX” which is a prerequisite!

Does its cost justify the investment?

Absolutely, because its depreciation starts immediately saving you time from your daily tasks of handling customers’ orders.

This plus the inevitable errors that people normally make when manually processing orders, result in actual costs and lost hours that could be used for other tasks more important for your business.

Furthermore you enhance the image of your business which is also a factor that could be measured in economic terms!


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