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e Invoicing from Suppliers

  • Do you have frequent transactions with some of your suppliers?

  • Do you receive a large volume of invoices from them?

  • Do you want to automate and digitize the entry process for these invoices?

  • Is their management time consuming?

  • Do your suppliers have e invoicing procedures?

Ιf your answer is yes to some of the above questions then we have a solution for you.

Why do you need it?

  • Reduces the time you spend daily for document entry.

  • Reduces the risk of wrong entries due to misreading printed documents.

  • Reduces or eliminates paper folders and files for incoming invoices.

How does it work

It receives electronic documents from suppliers certified by you, through an embedded to the application e-mail mechanism and it stores them in a special database.

It automatically creates the purchase documents (or service or whichever documents) in E-ON RIX.

It attaches the document (for example a PDF of the invoice) on the application’s view of New Invoice Registration.

So when the time comes for the final inspection and entry of the details of the document, the image of the original document is ready on your screen.

So the entry is concluded without the involvement of any papers.

If your supplier can support it, it is also possible to automatically create the details of the document line by line.

In other words …

E-ON RIX’s cloud infrastructure has a mechanism that receives e mails from certified senders (your suppliers).

Your supplier sends you an e mail either manually or automatically through its own ERP application to a specific e mail account designated to E-ON RIX application (not a personal or company e mail account).

E-ON RIX recognizes the sender and automatically creates the entries we have “taught” it to create on the system. In fact you can also configure by yourselves more senders for other kinds of invoices.

You receive an e mail that informs you about who sent electronic documents and which document was created on your system.

You just have to check or fill in any missing details and finalize the document in your database.

If you wish and your supplier can support it, the whole process can work without the need to send the invoice by e mail but through a web service.

This is a better and faster way but it requires specific skills which in some cases makes the project more difficult.

On your part however you have E-ON RIX and… us!

How much does it cost?

As part of the basic Business and Financial suite “E-ON RIX”, the extra functionality for e invoicing from suppliers will have a low cost compared to the benefits it offers. In fact for the first month, we offer it for free if you decide to subscribe for our basic suite “E-ON RIX” which is a prerequisite!

Does the cost justify the investment?

Absolutely, because its depreciation starts immediately saving you time from your daily tasks of entering and managing suppliers’ invoices. This plus the inevitable errors that people normally make are translated in costs and worse in lost hours that could be used for other tasks more important for your business.

All these exceed my technical knowledge. Who will help me to implement them;

We will, if you wish, configure the whole system but also make arrangements with the suppliers you will select for all technical details. This way in the end we will deliver to you a fully operational system.

Initially we will discuss with you about your objectives for example if you would like to comply with your suppliers codes etc. and then you will let us do what we have to, in order to activate the whole process cycle for you.


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