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Cloud Computing : a Solution for Sustainability

We have recently gone through a period of rapid transformation. Companies have suddenly been called upon to solve the unprecedented and difficult equation of health and safety rules for their employees, while at the same time providing a high level of service to their customers.

They were asked to move extremely quickly into a fast-paced and productive remote working environment. The stakes were no longer about optimizing their operations and ensuring greater profit, it was about their very survival.

The challenges posed by the pandemic highlighted the advantages of Cloud Computing and SaaS applications.

The advantages that for years companies offering infrastructure, software and services solutions in the Cloud have been introducing to the market became more than clear "overnight".

  • Reducing infrastructure and resource costs

  • Flexibility and growth potential (pay as you go)

  • Collaborative environment, increased productivity

  • 24x7 access without geographical restrictions and business continuity

  • Protection of critical infrastructure from natural or other disasters

  • Sustainability

Today even more so with Climate Change issues, the use of Cloud Computing in all its forms is becoming more imperative for businesses as investors, banks and other stakeholders are asking businesses for tangible evidence of their sustainability and rewarding green business and Climate Change actions.

That is because Cloud computing operates with greater efficiency than conventional on premise IT infrastructure and data centers.

It also leads to a reduction in factors that contribute to a business's greenhouse gas emissions such as technology equipment and energy usage as these are replaced by virtual equivalents.

This leads to a reduction in business costs but also to a reduction of the business's carbon footprint and use of natural resources.

In summary, we can say that Cloud Computing offers green and smart solutions to businesses and can contribute to their sustainability in the future, saving resources and reducing costs, while at the same time fulfilling the requirements for future long-term financing.

In the field of Cloud Computing, our company E-ON INTEGRATION is one of the pioneers. Since our foundation in 1999 we have envisioned and developed web-based applications for various business sectors and since 2008 we have been providing our applications as a service via the internet, "Software as a Service", creating a secure cloud platform that we call "eon-demand". Already back then we predicted that Apps delivered as a Service would continuously gain ground and bring a tsunami of change in the world of technology and mobile business solutions.

Our "eon-demand" applications are provided with monthly subscription fees per user or per business unit and include everything. The software, the technological infrastructure and support, maintenance and upgrade services.


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