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Do you have an internet connection?

You can apply remote teleworking...

Business teleworking applications for every company

Wherever your business is located in Greece, we can activate a private cloud space for you, to operate your  business remotely, whether it is small, medium or large.


As long as you have an internet connection. 

Our qualified staff will help you get started and guide you to upload your startup data and files so you can take full control of your transactions.

Our applications are bilingual, Greek and English, which means that you can collaborate with clients and suppliers wherever they are located on the same platform.

Our applications share a universal cloud functionality, accessible by PC/laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

See more information about our applications by selecting the corresponding links or fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you.


E-ON RIX , a business software that offers complete functionality in the field of financial and commercial transactions and other related flows. All the information you need is immediately available to support the decision-making process.


E-ON myWorkplace , a modern flexible self service suite that comprehensively covers all aspects of the life cycle, management and organization of human resources, but also has all the functionality of a tool that will support the achievement of business goals.


E-ON MOBILE , all information and processes of your company, at the tips of your fingers, wherever you are. Absolute Flexibility, from anywhere and anytime. Personalized information, key business indicators, statistics and graphs, etc. Updates, Information, Decisions, Actions.


E-ON RIBIA , a complete ERM solution that provides you with the tools to strengthen your business's internal control and risk management processes.


E-ON QMARK , a cloud platform for collecting and analyzing information  in the form of electronic questionnaires or surveys.


E-ON InStyleApp , a CRM application specially made for a business that provides services in the field of beauty, fitness, activities and education.

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