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25 years

Innovation and Vision
Always ahead of Developments

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Bronze, Silver, Gold Medal_edited.png

Cloud & SaaS


Pioneers since 1999 with web applications and from

2008 with "cloud" and "Software as a Service" applications



We create your own digital space to run your business, small, medium or large. As long as you have an internet connection.

Mobile Business


ERP, CRM, HRM, ERM. Approve, decide, execute, get informed ... from your mobile device wherever you are.

Environmental Protection


The contribution of our solutions in reducing the environmental footprint of businesses and tackling climate change.


Carbon Footprint: Integrated software for GHG Data Calculation, Analysis & Reporting

We provide solutions to  business challenges by applying innovative digital technologies.

At the service of customers_edited.jpg

Our many years of experience in solving business problems
in the service of our customers.

Products for an agile competitive business

Solutions for

many industries and professions

High level 

IT Services

The companies that trusted us
used innovative technologies and gained competitive advantage.
The car importer and its 130 dealer network have a real collaborative environment that simplifies all processes and improves the quality of their services.
The web portal enables business people to work towards common goals and inspires teamwork, collaboration and communication.
The image of the franchise network became more attractive since the interested investors see that the company implements modern methods of management.
The Singapore Headquarters Head Office has a full and real-time image of the Office in Greece for a wide range of financial management functions such as purchase and sales orders, warehouses and invoicing. 
We created a Banking Portal for sales of financial products from commercial partner networks.
We combined processes and workflows and connected them to inter-bank systems in order to provide aggregated information.

Collaborations with Greek and global companies

to provide services and innovative products and technologies to our customers

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