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Reduce Environmental Impact 

through digitization and

automation of processes.


Global warming, waste of natural resources, pollution.


  • Are you interested in the environment? Do you want to contribute to the salvation of the planet?

  • Are you trying to make your daily life greener in any way you can, no matter how small it is?

  • Do you try to use natural resources in moderation in your daily life? Do you recycle?

  • Are you trying to reduce energy consumption?

  • Are you trying to find less energy-intensive alternatives at home and at work to meet your different needs?

If so now is the time for you to discover a new way to work using solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of your business and your partners by digitizing and automating processes.

E-On Integration and its "eon-demand" applications can show you how.

With eon-demand products improve the way you work and turn your business "green" at the same time.

Increase business process automation and get more business benefits with less environmental impact

• eliminate the flow of paper through your business processes
• automate manual processes
• minimize hardware and floor space needs
• minimize telecommunication needs
• help your people to be more efficient
• minimize commuting needs

green software

Servers and Hardware – Computer Room Space – Air conditioning – Lights

With eon-demand you can reduce the number of servers and the computing infrastructure in your premises. All you need is on your desktop or laptop and through a common internet browser.

Environmental Benefits: Less computing infrastructure and less floor space, less energy consumption for cooling, lighting and operations.

Business Benefits: Less computing infrastructure and less space lead to less operation costs for space usage, energy consumption, purchase of new hardware, maintenance.

Routine Procedures – Back Ups - Data Storage


With eon-demand there is no need for execution of routine procedures on premises. No Back-Ups no Data Storage.

Environmental Benefits: Less space for Data Storage Devices and no routine procedures mean less energy consumption.

Business Benefits: Less space for Data Storage Devices and no routine procedures mean less operation costs.

Communication Costs

With eon-demand there is no need for faxes and there are fewer telephone communications since everybody is working on-line on the same environment regardless of their physical location.

Environmental Benefits: less energy consumption.

Business Benefits: less operation costs for telephones and faxes.

Commuting and Business Travel

With eon-demand there is less commuting and business travel for employees and partners since they collaborate on-line. There is also no need to gather data and paperwork from each location to process centrally. People can work from everywhere including their home.

Environmental Benefits: Less commuting, less traffic, less gas consumption, less Carbon pollution.

Social Benefits: Less commuting, less accidents, more free time, better life.

Business Benefits: Less commuting, more productive people, more efficient business, more profitable business.

Inventories – Storage

With eon-demand you can minimize your inventories and achieve replenishment at the right time since you know your inventory on-line at all times and you have immediate information of your clients’ requirements. It enables you to achieve shorter times between orders to your suppliers and to optimize the quantities of orders.

Environmental Benefits: Less space for Storage, less energy consumption for heating cooling and lighting.

Business Benefits: Optimization of turnaround capital. Less operations cost (space and energy consumption).

Paper Consumption – Storage

With eon-demand reduce the use of paper by enabling business processes that produce electronic forms, invoices etc. not all of which need to be printed. Those that need to be printed are all printed on plain A4 paper. Eliminate faxes.

Environmental Benefits: Less consumption of paper means less waste of natural resources to produce it. Less space for paper documents their storage and management. Less energy consumption to light heat and cool storage spaces. Less transportation of paper documents to and from various locations, less fax machines and ink.

Business Benefits: Elimination of paper and Storage space leads to less operation costs for inventories of paper, printouts, printed documents, faxes, fax machines and maintenance, space and energy consumption.

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