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“eon-demand” Our own Software as a Service solutions.

Applications that extend beyond the boundaries of your own business…

What is "eon-demand “?

"Eon-demand" is a number of software applications that you can use to run your business. They cover all your needs from Business and Financial functionality to the management of your Human Resources.

The applications have been developed by our company with the most innovative web technologies and cloud computing infrastructure. They are the result of many years of collective experience of our people in various business environments and their deep knowledge of business best practices. Our applications will give you the integration and automation you need to better manage your business functions and at the same time they will help you expand collaboration and interaction beyond the borders of your own business to rach your suppliers and customers.

Our "eon-demand" applications are offered over the web as Software as a Service.

…over the cloud. Anyplace and Anytime with no investment in software and infrastructures.

What does “Software as a Service“mean?

"Software as a Service" or "SaaS" is a new concept, that is expanding rapidly. You can use business software over the web without having to purchase it and make any upfront investments. Instead these applications are offered with a subscription fee. You don‘t have to make any investments in software or hardware, tape back-ups and/or IT personnel.

All you need is an internet connection. You don't need to install anything on your devices.

We take responsibility to have the software available to you. The software is installed on our own servers in a data center and is accessible by your people over the internet. The architecture is multi-tenant to allow multiple clients to run the same application at the same time with separate data. You can use the "eon-demand applications wherever and whenever, from your office, your home, your customers' premises or abroad. We take care of back-ups, run the data center operations and make all effort to have the software up and running. You will always have automatically the latest software version. There is no need for you to take care of any updates or releases. You do not need to maintain IT operational skills in-house.

For every size of business, small, medium or large, products or services.

Is my business the right size to use Software as a Service applications? Our "eon-demand" solutions are addressed to any size of business, small or big, products or services. They are innovative information systems, with strong functionality and enabling technologies, for data entry, online reporting, full view of relationship with customers, elimination of many paper-based or fax-based activities.

With one or two clicks, you browse all your business critical information without having to log-on / log-off in multiple different menus or applications, without moving between several user interfaces and technology environments, without making file transfers or relying on Excel spreadsheets to conclude your end-of-day or end-of-month procedures!

Financial and Management Flexibility, Reliability , Security and Performance

Why use a SaaS application?

Because you will get many benefits.

The software is not installed at your premises. It is installed in a Data Center and it can be accessed over the internet. This will give you many immediate benefits because you will no need upfront investment for installation fees and infrastructure (purchase or upgrade equipment such as servers, networks, firewalls, etc).

You will enjoy financial and administrative flexibility since:

  • You will not make any investment to purchase software, as long as you can use it on a monthly per user subscription basis.

  • You will not make any investment in hardware infrastructure since all the software is installed on our hardware.

  • No more hidden fees for maintenance and support.

  • No more fees for new Releases or Upgraded versions if you increase the number of users.

If you try the "eon-demand" applications and you are not happy with the concept for any reason, you can discontinue the agreement and stop, with minimal cost.

If you want at any point to install the software in your own servers in your own premises you can do it and we will help you to migrate.

With SaaS, you can take advantage of cutting edge technologies and software and better services at manageable and predictable costs. Consider how much security, firewalls, service levels, 24x7 service windows, best business practices, workflows, and parameterization you can afford to develop or maintain in-house, comparable to the price of a SaaS offering! We guarantee that your software offers you flexibility, reliability, performance, scalability and security.

We take care of data management and data security of your company, while you do not engage specialized people for this job.

We perform back ups on a regular basis to satisfy our service level agreement.

Anyplace, anytime secure access with authorizations and passwords.

How can I use the applications?

The use of the system is a simple process for your personnel and/or partners/suppliers of your company even your customers. They all have access to "eon-demand” applications over the internet. They login using their unique User Names & Passwords assigned to them. Their login activates their personal authorizations and profiles in their own company and business unit

Of course no one else besides authorized company employees/partners/suppliers/customers (users) to whom we assign a unique User name & Password, is entitled to access the software applications.

We specifically define by name in the system parameters all system users of each company.

What needs to be done to start using the applications?

We will provide an initial set of services to enable your people to start using the software. These services usually include setting up the system´s parameters, users' training, configuration of the first required printouts and reports. These services are of specific duration in hours and they are provided immediately after signing the agreement with us.

What equipment do I need at my premises?

You do not need any dedicated equipment. You will need your standard PC's or laptops or tablets and an internet connection.

Your files and your transactions are secure at a Data Center and at your disposal whenever you ask for them.

How am I covered for security and backups? The responsibility for your company's data security is our task. The software and your data will be hosted on dedicated secure servers installed in Data Centers that comply with all security measures. We take Data Backups for your files and transactions.

Keeping data secure while sharing and collaborating with others is a difficult task for IT. We use all necessary encryption and security measures so users have only access to documents and files through authorizations and personalized profiles defined by administrators. If I wish to stop the Service, what will happen to my data and files?

You have the right (without having to invoke any specific reason) to stop using the Service any time. We will give you access to all your files and transactions. If you want at any point to install the software on your own servers at your own premises you can do it and we will help you to migrate at agreed fees.

With a monthly subscription fee and no hidden costs.

What do I pay to use eon-demand applications? The cost of the service that will be provided to you is based on monthly subscription fees per user.

In some cases an initial start up fee is required if you want us to set the parameters of the application to accommodate your needs, to transfer data and files from previous systems and to train your personnel.

Various ways of support.

How do you support me?

We provide telephone support during the agreed working days and hours.

We also have a specific web site where you can post all your support requests.

Logic software errors are solved from our office over the Internet with direct access to the system that resides at the data center.

Customer support through requests posted in this site does not include the visit of our technicians or business consultants to your premises. This service can be provided after special agreement of the financial terms of such a visit.

What is a Data Center?

It is the computer center, in which we have installed the software applications and the computers (servers) and the security infrastructure (firewalls, security, etc.) necessary for the proper operation of our software.

The data center complies with all security measures. For example it is self sufficient on power supply for a period of up to 3 - 5 days in case it is not accessible due to extreme weather or other conditions (heavy snowfall, earthquakes etc). Access is not allowed to the public and to unauthorized persons. It is fire proof. The data center's skilled professionals provide services of continuous monitoring of equipment, of computers and of applications.

The data center does not hold any rights on the software. It only hosts the hardware and software on its premises. The Software and the technical equipment are our property.


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