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Customer Satisfaction Surveys: The next step

How many times have you encountered questionnaires from a market or service asking you to rate the quality of the service you received? You may have a business and you may want to send such a questionnaire yourself.

So the next reasonable question is whether such a procedure yields results when the answers can contain free text questions in addition to standard "grade 0-10" questions.

The evaluation of free text questions can be extremely costly and time-consuming if left to human resources.

The alternative is to rely on technology and artificial intelligence in particular.

Modern free-text analysis techniques have been developed which can extract from sentences the emotion and the keywords underlying the sentence.

See the example below:

People, when reflecting on their experience of a service, tend to write complex thoughts on multiple topics. Each of their sentences may contain multiple sentiments about different aspects of the subject about which they are expressing an opinion.

It is very likely that in a questionnaire with a rating, in the example the customer would have given a medium grade "e.g. 6". If there was no free text there would be no way of knowing what the reason for the moderate score was. We could possibly post questions asking for opinions on all aspects of the service such as product condition and employee behavior, but this would require the questionnaire creator to know and construct complex questions for the whole range of the service offered.

At E-ON INTEGRATION we have developed a software that goes beyond the traditional questionnaire construction by offering text analysis, even in Greek. This way any company can have an automatic assistant that in real time organizes the thoughts of its customers by topic and their satisfaction with it.


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