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We are introducing our innovative tool RiskClima for the management of Natural and Transient Risks of Climate Change
  • All the necessary elements such as Risks & Opportunities, Performance Indicators, Mitigation Actions, Dashboards & Reporting in a single platform.

  • Forecast models at Climate Change milestones (years 2030, 2040, 2050, or longer term depending on available models).

  • Knowledge Database, with ready-to-use lists of Risks, Indicators and Mitigation Actions.

  • Risk Mitigation and Climate Change Mitigation suggestions and economic impact reduction insights.

  • Support the achievement of Strategic Objectives on Climate Change.

  • Enhancing Business Sustainability and Resilience.

  • Tailoring to the needs of each business.

  • Extremely competitive price with the monthly subscription model (SaaS - Software as a Service).

Join us at the stand S204,  Sustainability Zone

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 22 Nov 2023       14:00 - 14:30        Theatre 7

Dr. Evangelia Louropoulou - Head of ESG, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, RiskClima

Climate Change is changing the way we live and the way we work. It is currently considered one of the main causes of Sustainability risks for businesses. 


Climate Change poses Sustainability risks for all businesses, large and small. Traditional risk management methodologies
often fail to address Climate Change effectively, as they are not able to accommodate extended future periods
and go beyond traditional business planning time horizons.


The aim of this seminar is to discuss the Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change for businesses and the ways of identifying, assessing, managing and reporting them.

  • Why should leaders and companies start integrating climate risk into their decision-making now?

  • What is the difference between ESG standard approaches and Climate Change for companies?

  • Which are the main courses of action for companies to address Climate Change?

 22 Nov 2023       15:00 - 15:45        Theatre 10

Dr. Evangelia Louropoulou - Head of ESG, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, RiskClima

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