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Conclusions we drew from our participation
at the Business Show - London

On 23 and 24 November we participated as exhibitors in the Sustainability Zone at "The Business Show - London" at the Excel Exhibition Centre  to promote our new product RiskClima, which extends and automates Climate Change risk management processes.
RiskClima, for the management of Natural and Transient Climate Change Risks, that we presented at the exhibition, to UK and international business executives, is a Risk Management tool whose key difference from the traditional Risk Management tool that is already used by our Clients is that it models the projections up to the year 2050.  The year that is considered a milestone for achieving the Net- Zero target.
Our models are based on both internal metrics and quantitative data of a company or organization, as well as external databases, usually Big Data, to project the state of the company or organization at future milestones (2030-2040-2050).  The external sources we use also include guidelines as well as findings and recommendations from recognized bodies such as the European Union, the UN (IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change), Paris Agreement, etc.  All of the above are integrated in the new RiskClima product, which is initially targeted at the European market.  In the next two years, we are planning to expand to other markets such as North America, Eastern Asia etc.
RiskClima Stand visitors

Our presence at our stand was very effective and successful.  We were visited by more than 150 representatives and executives of companies and organisations from various sectors.

We consider particularly important the visit to our stand of executives from a Bank of London with whom we discussed green loan procedures and the Bank's risk management in relation to the investigation of the sustainability of their portfolio.


Also of importance were visits made by executives from construction, manufacturing and service companies.


We explored opportunities with consultancies, some outside the UK, to work with them to promote RiskClima in their markets.

RiskClima Stand presentations

Of particular interest was the exchange of views with an investor - manufacturer of Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) devices, which is one of the most timely, urgent and necessary investments in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


Finally, we are pleased to have already acquired a new client in the ESG data management and reporting process.

Seminar Climate Change
panel Sustainability
The presence of Dr. Evangelia Louropoulou, Head of ESG, Climate Change and Sustainability Services of our company, was also successful in the parallel conference events.

Her speech on "Climate change - How to manage and mitigate your business risks" and the panel she participated in, on the actions of companies to address sustainability issues in business were attended by a large number of business executives who participated in the event either as visitors or as exhibitors.

But the most important conclusion we have drawn from our participation in "The Business Show - London" is that the RiskClima concept we are presenting is complete and extensive.


From capturing the raw material (Data) to developing an integrated strategy to address climate change risks.

Our audience after 15 minutes of presentation to them, told us: "Thank you very much. We learned from you".


So we are absolutely satisfied that we have caught the market momentum and the new trends and  it seems that as a company and as visionaries we have a good standing at an international level.  

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