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Free business software over the internet for teleworking

Contributing towards the Corona Virus pandemic,  Ε-ΟΝ INTEGRATION offers its cloud business software for free to all new subscribers to enable teleworking.  

This is the minimum contribution of our company to help businesses survive the pandemic.

Keep your business running with teleworking

We can initiate and activate your private cloud space remotely, for you to operate your business, regardless of location and company size. Our specialized personnel will guide you through, so you load your startup data and gain absolute control of your transactions.

Our applications share a universal cloud functionality, accessible by PC/laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

All our applications are bilingual, in both Greek and English, meaning that you can always collaborate with overseas clients  and suppliers on the same platform. 


Please find more information regarding our services on the following links or contact us with the form at the bottom of the page. 

E-ON RIX, Business & Financials. Automation and Integration of Processes. Real time Information. Collaboration Environment. A flexible software suite with many innovative features and amenities...


E-ON HRM, an innovative, flexible self service suite that covers in a comprehensive way all aspects of the lifecycle of human resources management but it also provides all functionality to become a tool that will support the achievement of business goals.


E-ON MOBILE, Anywhere, Anytime, Full Flexibility. All your business at the tips of your fingers. Updates, Information, Decisions, Actions.


E-ON RIBIA, an integrated ERM solution which provides you with the tools to strengthen your business' s internal control and risk management processes.


E-ON QMARK, a cloud system for collecting and analyzing information in the form of electronic questionnaires or surveys.


E-ON InStyleApp, a CRM  application specially for you  you who provide services in the fields of beauty, fitness activities and education.


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