Extend your reach to customers wherever they are located

You only need a device with

internet connection

Our applications provide a powerful, true and secure collaborative working environment, accessible anywhere and anytime from the cloud. 

This feature allows you to expand your business and extend your sales network either by your own means or by indpendent dealers or by partnerships with third sales networks.


It will enable you to reach your customers wherever they are located and not wait for them to come to you. 


Your sales people will be able to see all information and data and follow all sales procedures on a browser while facing  the customer at the customer’s location. 


They can manage their contacts, they can view the full picture of the company’s relationships with each customer and the customer’s transactions with the company. 


They can view all available products, place orders immediately, process them and track their status. 


They can have access to all marketing material such as brochures and presentations, information about events, campaigns and promotional strategies for cross sales of products or services. 


They can take action and then track the status of their activities.

Connect all your business sales locations. Our applications provide you with a powerful Sales Automation environment. 

Promote your products and services through more and better partnerships with third parties such as stores, dealerships, agencies,  other companies, etc.

All sales channels, yours or third parties, access and share the same current and reliable information.

Give your sales  persons the tool to answer questions, process scenarios and create proposals, facing the potential customer at the customer’s location.