AADE E-Books

Ready software solution and full subsidy program to upgrade your business! Adapt to the new requirements of myDATA-AADE Electronic Books easily, reliably, at no additional cost.


You don't need a cash register

With E-ON RIX you do not need a cash register because it is a complete Financial Management system, that issues all kinds of documents including retail sales receipts.



Approved Tax Register

E-ON RIX cooperates with an approved Tax Register thus covering all recent requirements of AADE.


QR CODE on retail receipts

E-ON RIX covers the requirement of QR Code on retail receipts for the proof of validity, according to recent announcements by AADE.


Upgrade at the price of a cash register 

E-ON RIX is an application we provide over the "cloud" with a monthly subscription fee. At the cost of a new cash register, you are virtually upgrading your business and enjoying many benefits.


More for Ε-ON RIX  here.

myDATA, in brief

A web service interface will be introduced for the exchange of data between businesses and AADE. This will enable the Independent Public Revenue Authority to have an accurate picture of the business's financial figures while it will reduce the administrative costs for the businesses. since Tax Return forms will be automatically filed, the "Suppliers - Customers - Transactions" forms will no longer be required etc.

Tax audits, when required, will be conducted easier and faster. Other processes concerning businesses will also be accelerated.

What we do

We add functionality to our E-ON RIX business and financial platform to accommodate the required interface of data by AADE as well as the required checkpoints and error reports.

The new functionality will be available both to users who make full use of the business and financial E-ON RIX platform but also to users who have activated only its business functionality. 

Comply with the new requirements of myDATA
in an easy, reliable way and with no additional
management costs for your accounting.

Collection of Data from Documents

Collection of Data from Accounting Entries

(if you use our Accounting Module)

Notification for issued documents concerning you that you have not received

Notification for documents from suppliers that the issuer has not sent to myData. 

Collection of Data manually posted

(if you don't use our Accounting Module)

The Unique Number of Registration given by AADE will be stored in E-ON RIX 

We support you

All standardizations  that AADE will set will be embedded in  E-ON RIX.

You will only need to connect your Document Types to these parameters once, so that you will not have to make continuous corrections and additions during your daily tasks.


For this step, we will be by your side, wherever and whenever you need us.

All of myDATA functionality will be available both with the Electronic Invoicing functionality of  of E-ON RIX but also as a standalone module.



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