Access real time reliable information when and where you need it

Real time access to integrated application platforms

that support informed decision making

E-ON RIX our Business and Financial application suite communicates and collects information and data from all entities across the company and all its channels, situated  home or abroad. Complete and accurate financial and administrative information available anywhere, anytime.  

All you need is a connection to the internet.


Orders, Purchases, Sales, Inventories, are all fully integrated to provide you with real time information. See the progress of your business at all times since all transactions automatically generate General Accounting records and participate in the production of financial statements.


Manage your customers, suppliers and all those who you do business with, in an integrated manner since the embedded CRM functionality provides all the information you need. 

See your company’s  progress over the  web, wherever you  are, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Provide authorizations for  your employees, officers, suppliers, partners and customers to gain access to your business information that interest them.

Install E-ON MyWorkPlace.  Your officers and employees will be able to post and manage  themselves their own data and information without any geographical location or time barriers and with no need to install any software on their devices.


Give your executives and managers the ability to access and manage anyplace, anytime, all information about  the people they supervise. 


Use centralized information as a strategic tool to achieve the future objectives of your business.

Do you employ an external accounting firm or individual accountants? Give them authorized access to E-ON RIX to perform their tasks remotely so there is no need for them to come to your premises. 

Boost your sales by empowering your sales people with the information and tools they need to achieve their goals.