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ERM Enterprise Risk Management

Climate change and environmental issues are already considered to be a critical factor in the day to day operations of businesses and in their sustainability.

International organizations and States are increasingly recognizing the need to establish guidelines and legislative frameworks to address the effects of environmental issues and extreme weather events.

Inevitably businesses will have to seriously address all related issues either because they will be required to adapt to legislation or because they will face sustainability challenges.

ERM RIBIA as a business risk management tool that leads to reliable results in terms of protecting your business against environmental risks. 

These risks may be related to the company's environmental practices, that is to say environmental management issues and its compliance with legislative frameworks. 

They may also be related to the vulnerability of the company to external factors due to changes in environmental and climate change conditions. 

Businesses need to be prepared so that they are aware and able to deal with risks resulting both from their environmental practices and from the impact that changing climate conditions could have on their operations.

Environment and Sustainability

It concerns the identification of risks arising from production processes including the processing and handling of raw materials throughout the business locations and departments.

To calculate the risk one must take into consideration the methods used to manage the risk and the protection measures that have been taken.

The above relate directly to being compliant with the legislative framework and the rules that have already been set or will be adopted in the future.

Risk analysis and assessment is a continuous process that continuously takes into account the changing conditions and the effectiveness of the measures taken, thus leading to the viability of the business.

Climate change and Sustainability

It concerns the detection of hazards arising from extreme weather events (e.g. heat waves, floods, storms, heavy rainfall) or changes in the natural environment (e.g. sea level rise, droughts, fires) that lead to changing conditions under which the production process of a business must continue to operate.

Risk assessment methods are also considered in this case in combination with any protection measures that have been taken.

Anticipating and knowing these risks helps to design a strategy for managing them with the aim of adapting and sustaining the business with the minimum possible cost.

ERM RIBIA has functionality that targets areas where procedures may be required to be reviewed and additional measures to be taken. 

In fact, we do not do a simple risk analysis and assessment. Our expert advisers will dig deep into your business to find what your business needs in terms of environmental and climate change issues legal compliance and sustainability and with our tool we will compare the measures that you take or need to be taken depending on the risks that have been identified so that ERM RIBIA is a part of a broader risk management process that your business must implement and execute. 

Our approach is implemented in stages:

Initially, our specialized team of scientists analyzes in depth the dimensions of your problems, as not all challenges (and opportunities) are common to climate and the environment. References to existing legislation and / or best practices are made. 

They then support the Audit Committee to issue the guidelines and ask the 'right questions' to your organization. 

Finally, the technology products of our ERM RIBIA platform are customized by experienced business analysts to measure the risks and propose alternatives to address the issues identified.

...  in order to produce an online List of Possible Risks that allows them to be weighted and sorted to identify the most critical ...

... and then produce Improvement Findings and Suggestions Reports ...

... which will be systematically monitored until their implementation and improvement of risk areas.

A team of scientists provides an in-depth analysis of the particular challenges your business faces in environmental management and climate change issues.

Standard control techniques on environmental management and climate change issues provided by ERM RIBIA are applied to the questionnaire replies ...

... translated into Risk Analysis Questionnaires to be answered by your executives.

They then work with your Audit Committee to determine guidelines ...

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