Expand your reach to new channels, customers and markets.

Business Agility
Centralized Information
Integrated Processes
Same Customer Service
Everything you need is in eon RIX

In todays interconnected world e-On RIX suite will allow you to deploy your processes and services beyond the traditional boundaries of your business and to expand your reach to new channels, customers and markets.


It helps you become more agile and improve communication and collaboration inside and outside your company.

It offers integrated functionality in the area of ​​finance and commerce and all related workflows so that all the information you need is immediately available to support decision-making processes.


Ε-ΟΝ RIX suite, is a flexible extensive platform of business applications that accommodates the needs of various industries. 


Each business can make its own choices. It may use as many of the applications as required in an integrated way and to easily adapt them to its own needs, processes and particularities of each commercial product or service.

A clock that shows it is time to move on

Business & Financials

Automation and Integration of Processes. 

Real time Information.

Collaboration Environment

A flexible software suite with many innovative features and amenities, entry details, real time information, single customer view, elimination of duplicate actions. 


Boost your sales with an application especially adapted to the needs of your Sales and Marketing Departments. 

Pre Sales and After Sales functionality, 360’ views for each customer. Analytics and Statistics.


Functionality for the administrative and financial management of projects.

One single database for all parties involved.

Tools for better coordination of assignments, schedules, costs and revenues.


Supports  contract management and ensures that time reports are accurately recorded, and retrieved promptly for invoicing and that the obligations towards your customers are fulfilled.

Solutions for Companies that make a difference


e-shop Connector

Connect your online store and on line Sales with Production, Warehouse and Accounting management.

e- Invoicing

Dramatically reduce the cost of traditional "paper-based" invoicing, both for supplies (paper, ink, etc.) and for time spent on management, archiving and storage.


"Ticketing" functionality, which allows enterprises to "be extrovert" and open a new door of communication with their customers without expensive new investments.

Cash Flow & Credit Policy

Cash Flow and Credit Policy functionality because in the present conditions of economy, maintaining the “financial health” of your business is crucial for its survival.

e- Invoicing from Suppliers

Reduce the hours your people spend to post incoming paper invoices and receipts from suppliers, to organize folders and files on paper and minimize the risk for errors.

Approval of Expenses

Automate and streamline your expenses’ approval process.

Classify them to efficiently track them and attach all relevant documents. Automatically inform all persons involved.


Spend less of your time managing receivables.

Increase the possibilities of collecting on time and improve your cash position.

B2B RIX Portal

Reduce the time you need for handling orders and the costs to process them.  Enhance the image of your business by providing a new sales channel.

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