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E-ON INTEGRATION, is an official business partner of HCL Software, 

a division of the international technology company HCL Technologies. 

As part of this partnership we are ready to meet your needs in licences and software renewals/maintenance that are offered by HCL.


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Free cloud business software for teleworking

E-ON INTEGRATION's contribution to businesses for the

Corona virus pandemic situation.

We offer for free to new subscribers our cloud business software that creates a fully collaborative working environment for all.  

We have all the know how that you need 

We provide solutions to business challenges by implementing innovative digital technologies.  

Enterprise Risk Management Environment and Climate Change

Manage Risks Related to the Environment and Climate Change. We support you with expert consulting services and innovative IT tools.

E-ON RIX Automotives. An integrated ERP & CRM solution for car dealers on the cloud.  Sales, After Sales, Inventories, Marketing and Financials, all with a monthly subscription per user. 


Electronic Books

Ready software solution and full subsidy program to upgrade your business! Adapt to the new requirements of myDATA-AADE Electronic Books easily, reliably, at no additional cost.

Cloud Appplications 

In this field we have been pioneers. Since 2008 we offer our solutions over the public internet cloud in a SaaS-Software as a Service concept with a monthly subscription fee per user or unit under the brand name “eon-demand”.

Mobile Enterprise

Any transaction from your ERP, CRM, HRM, we "bring" to your executives' mobile devices.

Make approvals and decisions, take action, get information... at traffic lights, at traffic jams, on the mountain or the beach. 

Automated & flexible business processes
Real time access
to reliable information
anytime, anyplace
Real time connection
with the outside world
for on-line transactions
Enablement of sales at your customers locations

Our many years of combined experience in solving business problems at the service of our customers

Products for an agile competitive business

Solutions for many business sectors and professionals

High level

IT services

The companies that trusted us used innovative technologies and gained competitive advantage.
We created a Banking Portal for sales of financial products from commercial partner networks.
We combined processes and workflows and connected them to inter-bank systems in order to provide aggregated information.
The car importer and its 130 dealer network have a real collaborative environment that simplifies all processes and improves the quality of their services.
The web portal enables business people to work towards common goals and inspires teamwork, collaboration and communication.
The Singapore Headquarters Head Office has a full and real-time image of the Office in Greece for a wide range of financial management functions such as purchase and sales orders, warehouses and invoicing.
The image of the franchise network became more attractive since the interested investors see that the company implements modern methods of management.